Small Apartment in Gothenburg

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Small Apartment in Gothenburg Showcasing an Ingenious Layout. The small apartment was especially developed for the students in Sweden makes one reconsider the idea of college dorms. With a total living area of 39 square meters, the apartment is situated in a lovely building from the late 1800s and features beautiful woodwork, tall paned windows and black electrical outlets, reminiscent of the area’s historical background.

According to Stadshem, a complete renovation of the small crib recently took place, with the addition of a new kitchen with state-of-the-art integrated appliances. The apartment has a practical layout, with an open plan living room and kitchen area and a flood of daylight from the six windows. The ceiling height is 2.8 meters and has unobstructed views of the river and green space adjacent to the sports facilities across the water. All walls are painted in light gray against the white-oiled pine floor.












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