Gothic Dark Art by Suzanne Gildert

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Suzanne Gildert, aka quantumsuz is a UK based artist who combines traditional drawing and painting methods with modern digital art techniques, creating awesome gallery of fantasy, gothic and dark art.

Suzanne has fully designed, illustrated and written the first Gothic Fall book, which was published in collaboration with Norma Editorial, who have worked with well known artists such as Luis Royo, Melanie Delon and Victoria Frances.

More tea my dear


Lone magpie WIP


the day we unlearned


The winter sanctuary




Our Lake


My Unforgiven One


My Pretty Mausoleum


My Curse


Letting go


In Memory


Hope’s End


Heaven‘s Ice


Haunt your dreams


Gothic Fall And so it was




for a reason


Fog Lights


Empty shell




amongst the dead


A Soul Fades



A sort of reality WIP 2


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