Annemarie Holloway, aka xxaihxx is an artist from United Kingdom. Annemarie painted the cute and innocent portraits in a wonderful […]

Kirk Reinert is an American artist who specializing the genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He has painted over […]

Ron Di Scenza was born in Ohio in 1954. His parents were Italian immigrants. DiScenza was awarded a scholarship and […]

Maëva, aka maevachan paints her pictures mostly with traditional media (paint, acrylics, watercolors, inks, pencil, charcoal…) although some of her […]

Born in Amqui, Quebec in 1954, Ginette Beaulieu broke artistic ground with her depictions of beautiful vintage portrait paintings and […]

Jennifer Cronin is a painter based in Chicago, Illinois who received BFA in Painting at University of Illinois in 2008 […]

  French artist Marie-Claire started to paint in 2002. She changed her career to devote herself to art. Her paintings […]

Surrealism was a modern idea started in the late 1910s as a literary movement. Early Surrealists were preoccupied with exploration […]