Emerico Imre Toth is an Hungarian painter who loves beauty in all things – nature, female, eyes, fit body, perky […]

Although Christmas Day has passed, it seems people have not walk out of holidays as Valentine’s Day is approaching. Valentine’s […]

Like every other color, pink carries a series of meanings dictated by our sense, our culture and our experience. In […]

Designed by New Zealand-based firm Crosson Archtects, the house Hut on sleds was located within a designated erosion zone on […]

Reivash is an illustration artist from Colombia. He loves to create cute girls in anime style.

David Walker is a London-based artist who creates color-explosive portraits using spray paint in the form of street art. His […]

Tattoo is now just an everyday thing. It becomes even weird to see a woman without tattooing. Women love getting […]

Designed by Amit Apel Design and located in Los Angeles, California , the 5-bedroom 355 Mansfield home features Japanese style […]