Mike Dargas is an artist living and working in Cologne, Germany. He started his drawings and oil paintings at very […]

Audrey Kawasaki – Sisters – Audrey Kawasaki is exceptionally skilled in drawing, while creating beautiful, surreal scenes filled with lovely […]

Digital Art by Nina Y, an artist from Ireland. A collection of her dark Gothic, gorgeous and beautiful work.

Why do you feel sad sometimes? It depends, of course. Standing in front of your sadness, you probably are one […]

Vincent van Gogh is today considered one of the most brilliant artists in history. It is widely known that he […]

Modern times are usually connected with innovation and new solutions in design and technology. We are always on the lookout […]

Albena Markova is a freelance photographer from Varna, Bulgaria. Albena captured the indescribable beauty of the Autumn in the mountains […]

Submission from JTucuman, Argentina based illustrator tito artz. “the new cult”: deities from a current reality,of our mundane everyday items […]