Digital Characters by Ikedan, an artist from Saitama, Japan. Ikedan’s art fuses cosplay with fantasy, which is really amazing.

Tyson McAdoo’s current body of work focuses primarily on female figurative digital paintings. McAdoo’s balance between abstraction and realism creates […]

the music Brazilian artist Rafael Vasconcelos enjoys creating beautiful stock images using photo manipulations. His work lies between dark, emotional […]

Ada Yanina Kucheeva is a Russian illustrator and jewellery designer who currently lives in Berkshire, UK. Fascinated by fantasy, she […]

The Amsterdam-based Random Studio project was designed by XandL. The project consisted of creating a new working space that combined […]

Thomas Griem of TG-Studio has transformed this 3 bed room penthouse located in St Pancras in London from the standard […]