Allegorical Paintings by Kevin Sloan

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Inspired by the artists of 19th century Martin Johnson Heade, and John James Audubon, American artist Kevin Sloan has been creating allegorical art of magical realism for many years.

Kevin’s art expressed deep concern and respect for our planet particularly its “silent inhabitants” – the animals and plants we share this world with. Through allegory and symbolism he expresses this concern and at the same time reminds viewers of the wonders in this extraordinary world.

the pollenators


great blue heron


focal point


flowers and bees


the magician


the donation


the collectables


whooping crane

lvory billed woodpecker


lucky day


king of the world


It’s time




finding time


dance of the aubergine


audubon’s tea


audubon’s pond


at the beach


an exotic evening


an auspicious day


american sonata


added excitement


the worriers




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