43 Balayage High Lights to Copy Today

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I am obsessed with balayage highlights right now.  I have spent years getting my hair dyed with an ombre and one of the things I always hated was how different sections wouldn’t blend well.  The first time I tried a balayage, I realized that this was a much better way to highlight my hair because the dye is applied in a way that gives my hair a graduated, natural-looking effect.  My hair has been blonde, brunette, and red all in the last year because I love to try new colors. As a result, I am super open to trying new colors with balayage highlights.

The problem I have now with balayage highlights is that I am not a stylist and don’t have a bunch of ideas to copy in my head but I also don’t want to just show up at the salon and hope they pick something good.  So I decided to look at all my favorite beauty and hair blogs to find the hottest balayage color ideas I could find.  Frozen is super hot right now but I am thinking about trying the V effect.  The trick to a great balayage, as far as I can tell, is having really bold contrasting colors that compliment each other really well.  Looking at all these articles, I found that you can mix some awesome colors together, like red and black, blonde and brunette, and red with brunette.  The other great thing about balayage highlights is that when you do an updo or a braid, they look really sleek.  Also, I have long hair but balayage can look amazing on short hair too.

1. Balayage Highlights To Copy – Ice Cap


Balayage High Lights To Copy Today - Ice Cap - Simple, Cute, And Easy Ideas For Blonde Highlights, Dark Brown Hair, Curles, Waves, Brunettes, Natural Looks And Ombre Cuts. These Haircuts Can Be Done DIY Or At Salons. Don’t Miss These Hairstyles! - https://thegoddess.com/balayage-high-lights-to-copy

The combination of white and blond in this high light is just fascinating.  I love that I can let my brunette roots show and it doesn’t mess up the look of the blonde and brunette highlights that are contrasting in this look.  I think this would be great for summer to go with tan skin and a bikini.