42 Easy Nail Art Designs

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I’ve always loved doing my nails, especially while catching up on Broad City, but typically it’s just a quick coat of color to keep things bright. Occasionally I’ll give myself a french manicure, but those can tend to be more of a process than I want to endure on a Tuesday night. After seeing some of the fashion, particularly the nails, at the Oscars, though, I decided to see if I could find some easy nail art designs to spice it up without having to do too much work.

Two words: blown away! There are some crazy awesome designs out there that are way easier than I thought they would be. Again, I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m looking for the easy route if I can find it. There are a couple in here that need gel, a few with glitter, but over all they’re pretty easy and have step by step guides to show you how to do it. Whether you’re looking for something simple and cute like the edgy dotted tip nails (#5), something glam like the golden pixie nails (#10), something outrageous like the tribal nails (#6), or something classy like the ombre sparkle nails (#43), I’ve got you covered. Speaking of ombre, I found a TON of amazing ombre nail designs that are so easy and look so good. #15 and #32 are my favorite, but there are a bunch more. Anyway, I hope you like these, and if you do, there’s a pin at the end of the article with a few of my favorites that you can throw on your board to refer to later. Cheers!

1. Step By Step Abstract Amethyst Guide

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Easy Nail Art Designs - Abstract Amethyst - Step By Step, Simple Tutorials For Beginners For Summer, Fall, Spring, and Winter. Ideas For Nailart For Kids, For Toes, DIY, And Classy Ring Finger Ideas With Glitter. Also Some Great Ideas For Flowers, Paint, Stripes, And Black Nails - https://thegoddess.com/easy-nail-art-design

When I started digging into this crazy nail art world, my two priorities were eye catching and easy. This awesome abstract nail design is both of them and one of the coolest things is that it works with just about any color combination you want.