30 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

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So let’s talk about wedding makeup and the big day.  I fantasize about my picture perfect fairy tale wedding and what it’s going to look like (And what I am going to look like) more often than I’d like to admit.  I think about the gown, my bridal makeup, my bridesmaids all lined up with matching dresses and beautiful hairstyles that match mine.  I have always wanted to rock the smokey eye look at my wedding with complimenting lips.  I plan on having a summer wedding during the daytime in my family’s yard.  I want some of the classic looks like the white dress and the veil but I also want to have some unique and stunning makeup that makes me feel unique and special.  

I realized  that I, like every bride, spend so much time thinking about my big day and what my makeup and my bridal party is going to look like that I thought I’d amuse myself and come up with a list of my favorite wedding makeup ideas.  There are some on eyes like smokey and cat eyes.  I threw some in there on lips and foundation and a few on just overall tips for brown and blue eyes and some of the special things you can do if you have a unique look you want to create.  Some of them are just wedding makeup ideas and some of them are step by step tutorials that you can really dig into.  Thanks for reading!!

1. DIY Bright And Bold Red Lips

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Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides - DIY Bright and Bold Red Lips - Romantic make up ideas for the wedding - Natural and Airbrush techniques that look great with blue, green and brown eyes - rusti evening glow looks - https://thegoddess.com/wedding-makeup-for-brides

Eyes aren’t the only way to make a statement at the wedding. This DIY guide for how to get bright red lips that look great without being overdone is one of my favorites.  I always imagined give my dad a big kiss on the cheek and leaving a huge red lipstick mark after he walks me down the aisle.