25 Breathtaking Architectural Visualizations

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New Classic Villa 

In times past, developing an architectural plan was all done on paper, and it relied almost entirely on the imagination and vision of the developers to bring the idea to life out of paper. These days, we have the advantage of using computers to create hyper-realistic 3D visualizations that allow a true visual representation of the architectural design.

Nearly all architectural design these days is done with computer assistance, and computer aided design techniques are a part of all major architectural design courses, like iDesigni’s online architectural design degree. Now modern architects are able to bring entire buildings to life without ever having to set foot on the physical property.

Pizza Art

Platform House

Exclusive Home in Spain

30s Poolhouse

Sleeping Area

Office 2


Infinity Pool

Agora House

Dalian Library

McMillian Court

3D Modern Bathroom

Abu Dhabi Lounge

My Brilliant Design

Abstract Room

Fabbrica Pizza

Sky Box Family Apartment

Chicken Point Cabin

Louis Kahn’s Esherick House

The Strand

Stefano’s Fine Food Factory OYSTER BAR

B House

Residential Interior

Slow in the City

Royal Tower