23 Trendy and Unique UV Tattoo Ideas for Women

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The art of tattooing has come along way and now even more stunning designs are being created. One amazing tattoo trend is UV or black light tattoos. These tattoos are created with dye that is visible under an ultraviolet light. You can get tattoos that are visible both in and out of light but the design will glow under UV, or you can choose a tattoo that looks almost invisible until it is placed under the light. This is such a modern and cool way to make your tattoos stand out from the crowd. We love this illuminating tattoo style and think that you will too and to show you how awesome it is, we have found 23 UV tattoo ideas. There are butterflies, designs inspired by movies and more. If you didn’t love the glowing tattoos before, you will after this!

1. Stunning Floral UV Tattoo

The first UV tattoo that we have to show you is stunning. This design features a flower bouquet and once the black light is on the tattoo, the petals glow orange and the leaves glow green. It is a beautiful tattoo design that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or you can use different flowers, you can also try different colors too.

Stunning Floral UV Tattoo

Source: @bri.rose.ink

2. Blue Butterfly

Butterflies are one of the most popular tattoos and with designs like this one, we can see why. Here we have a beautiful butterfly UV tattoo that lights up blue. We love the UV idea with the butterfly design because the color is so vivid and the glow really gives the butterfly a magical look. Not only that, but it makes the butterfly look unique too.

3. Lucky Cat

Next, we have a cute and unique idea to show you. This tattoo features a lucky Japanese cat. It has the classic design of the adorable cat waving in the good fortune. The tattoo below is actually temporary and you can check out the temporary UV tattoos on the link below. You could also take this design to the tattoo studio and have it permanently inked if you prefer!

Lucky Cat Tattoo Idea

Source: @diris_studio

4. Out Of This World UV Tattoo

The next tattoo that we have show you is out of this world. Here we have an ankle tattoo that features stars, planets and a little alien spaceship. This is a cool and quirky tattoo that is perfect for those who love space. Recreate this or you can try adding more such as different planets, the moon and more. You can also have the tattoo placed anywhere on the body.

5. Cute Rainbow Design

If you are looking for a cute and unique tattoo, then this idea could be for you. This design features a rainbow with two smiling clouds at each end. It is a bright, happy and quirky tattoo that will suit everyone. Try a similar design to this or you can have a rainbow and clouds without the smiling faces.

Cute Rainbow Tattoo Design

Source: @_jo_ul_

6. Pretty and Small Heart

This next tattoo is small, pretty and cute. Here we have a tiny tattoo that features two heart outlines. One outline is pink and the other is glowing under the UV light. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and it would be perfect as a first tattoo because of the size. Recreate this or you can choose a heart with any color outline.

Pretty and Small Heart

Source: @boomzodat

7. Matching Crown Tattoo Idea

Another popular idea is matching tattoos. People often choose to have matching tattoo designs with their partner, friend or family member. Next, we have matching king and queen tattoos that are perfect for a couple. These two both have a cute crown tattooed on their wrist that glows under UV light. You can recreate similar tattoos or you can choose two completely different crowns. Either way, the tattoos will look regal, stylish and meaningful too.

UV King and Queen Tattoos for a Couple

Source: @bondtattooer

8. Quirky and Unique Design with a Skull

Next, we have another unique tattoo. This design features a vase with two flowers and a skull. We love this because the skull has one glowing tooth! It is a fun, cool and quirky design. A tattoo like this is perfect for those who like unusual body art that stands out from the crowd. Recreate this or you can try a similar vase with different flowers.

9. Magical Deathly Hallows Tattoo

The next tattoo that we have to show you is one of our favorites and it is a must-have for any Harry Potter fan! Here we have the Deathly Hallows symbol that is featured in the Harry Potter books and movies. The UV glow makes the symbol look so magical which is perfect for this design. You can keep it simple and recreate this or you can add more Harry Potter inspired designs for a larger piece of body art.

Magical Deathly Hallows Tattoo

Source: @mariel_elbaz

10. Beautiful Patterned Lotus Tattoo Idea

Lotus flowers are another popular tattoo design and next we have a stunning example. Here we have an arm tattoo that features a beautiful patterned lotus. There are also two elegant designs above and below the lotus too. It is a gorgeous tattoo idea and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this or you can try just the lotus without the other designs. Either way, it will look amazing.

Beautiful UV Patterned Lotus Tattoo Idea

Source: @diris_studio

11. Stylish Sunflowers

Next, we have another vase and flower design. This time there is a small vase with two sunflowers sitting inside it. The UV effect looks amazing with the sunflowers because it makes the yellow petals stand out even more. Recreate the vase and flowers or just try the sunflowers. You can also add more flowers to the design too.

UV Sunflower Tattoo

Source: @jejutattoom

12. Stunning Butterfly Tattoo Idea

If you love butterfly tattoos, then you need to check out this idea. Here we have a stunning butterfly that glows blue under UV light. This is one of our favorite butterfly tattoos because the design captures the elegance of butterflies perfectly. A tattoo like this will look amazing on everyone and can be placed anywhere on the body. Try a similar tattoo to this or you can try choosing a different color for the wings.

13.  Cool Ghostbusters Tattoo

The next tattoo that we have to show you is a must-have for anyone who loves the movie Ghostbusters! Here we have all three of the ghost busting scientists complete with the iconic Slimer character. What we really love about this is that Slimer is glowing! It is a fun, unique and cool tattoo and it will be a hit with fellow Ghostbusters fans!

Cool Ghostbusters Tattoo

Source: @noil_culture

14. Pretty Floral Tattoo Design

Maybe you are looking for a prettier tattoo design? If so, this could be perfect for you. This tattoo features a beautiful flower arrangement in a horseshoe shape. As you can see, the tattoo looks gorgeous with and without the UV light. A stunning tattoo like this will suit everyone and you can recreate this or use different flowers. Add your birth flower to the design to make the tattoo more personal to you.

Pretty Floral Tattoo Design

Source: @jejutattoom

15. Cute and Magical Pony with Wings

Next, we have a cute pony tattoo. The pony featured in the design looks magical with rainbow hair and wings. It is such a pretty and mystical idea. Something like this is perfect for those who like My Little Pony. You could even turn the pony into a unicorn if you place a unicorn horn on its head. Recreate this rainbow pony or try a similar design in a different color.

Cute and Magical Pony with Wings

Source: @_jo_ul_

16. Space Theme Tattoo

Earlier in the post we shared a space inspired tattoo. If you loved that, you need to see this next idea too. Here we have another tattoo with a space theme. This one has a design on the hand and it features planets, stars, shooting stars and more. The UV light gives the tattoo a bright a glow too. This is a stunning tattoo that is perfect for those who love space and the night sky.

Space Theme UV Tattoo

Source: @_jo_ul_

17. Delicate Glowing Lotus

The next tattoo features a gorgeous lotus design. This one is quite simple but it really does make a statement. A small and pretty tattoo like this will suit everyone and it is another great idea for a first tattoo. The UV light really gives the lotus and elegant look, we love it! A design like this can be placed anywhere on the body.

18. Chic Infinity Tattoo Idea

Tattoos with the infinity symbol are another very popular idea. You can make yours stand out from the crowd though by giving it a glow like this! Here we have a small infinity symbol that is tattooed on the wrist. As you can see, the white light makes it look so chic and stylish! You can recreate this or have the infinity symbol created in a different color.

Chic Infinity Tattoo Idea

Source: @boomzodat

19. Tropical UV Tattoo

If you love the beach and unique body art, then this tattoo could be perfect for you. Here we have a circle with waves, a palm tree and stars. There is also a ring around the outside of the circle which gives it a look of Saturn. It is a tropical, bright and fun tattoo. Create a similar tattoo to this or you can have just the waves in a circle without the planet design.

20. Tattoo Design Inspired By Gustav Klimt

This next tattoo idea is perfect for those who love art! Here we have a tattooed version of the painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. The tattoo is a very stylish and unique take on the painting and even more so with the UV light. We love this unusual idea. You can recreate this or have a tattoo of any other famous artwork that you love.

21. Star Constellation Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a beautiful tattoo that features a star constellation. This constellation is Sagittarius and the design features the zodiac symbol to. The UV glow is perfect for the stars because they will light up just like they do in the night sky. Recreate a similar tattoo with your zodiac sign for a unique and personal piece of body art.

Star Constellation Tattoo Idea

Source: @boomzodat

22. Gorgeous Flower Hand Tattoo

Floral hand tattoos have become a must-have for women. This next idea features a glowing UV version. Here we have a large hand tattoo where the flower covers most of the hand. This is such a stylish and statement making idea. Try a similar tattoo to this or you can choose a different flower.

23. Glowing Butterfly

The last tattoo that we have to show you features another stunning butterfly design. It is a gorgeous tattoo that glows so brightly. This is another temporary tattoo and you can find out where to buy this tattoo and others like it on the page below. You can also have a similar butterfly tattooed permanently if you want the design to last forever.

Glowing Butterfly Tattoo

Source: @diris_studio

We hope you have been inspired by these UV tattoo ideas.