23 New Years Eve Party Ideas

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A party is a great way to bring in the New Year with family and friends. You could have a small get together at your house or plan the ultimate bash. To help you out with your party planning we have found 23 New Years Eve party ideas. We have a great selection of drinks, decor and more to help you celebrate the New Year in style!

1. Happy New Year Wall Decor

One of the easiest ways to glam up a room for a party is with wall decor like this. This wall idea has gold decorations, stars, a happy new year garland and more. You could recreate this metallic and stylish look or use your own style. Maybe even just use a similar new year garland on its own.

2. Countdown Cake

No party is complete without cake! Take the New Year theme into your cake decorating by creating a countdown clock. You could create any clock face simple like this one or show stopping. We have even seen some cakes with working clock hands! All your guests would love a countdown cake.

NYE Countdown Cake Idea

Source: @andreabogart

3. 2018 Balloon

Balloons will make any room look party ready. As it is a New Years Eve party why not have balloons that read 2018. This is a perfect low-cost way to decorate a room. You can get balloons like this any color and size so you could get balloons to suit your room/party theme.

4. New Years Resolution Party Idea

Almost everyone makes new year resolutions. At your party you could have a resolution activity like this one. Each one of your guests writes their resolution and can do one of the three things with it. This is a fun party idea that everyone will love.

5. Champagne Balloon

If you like balloon decor, then you will like our next pick to. This balloon idea is a champagne bottle with smaller gold, white and silver balloons. You could have the champagne bottle as it is or add in the smaller balloons to look like the champagne.

6. New Years Eve Party Props

Next, we have a cute selection of party props. You could use props like these in a photo booth or even have similar ones for guests to take home. If you like crafts, you could have a go at making props yourself, if not there are plenty to purchase online. Your guests will love taking photos with these.

New Years Eve Party Props

Source: @letsinvite

7. Vintage NYE Party Idea

Celebrate the New Year in vintage style. This next pick features decor that includes a gold cocktail cart, gold fringe shimmer curtain and vintage style stars. We love this look because it is captures the glam party vibe of times gone by. A cocktail cart also allows you to move bottles in and out of the kitchen and acts as a bar to, so one of these is a party must-have.

8. Happy New Year Balloons

If you want a simple decorating idea, then this for you. The balloon featured reads Happy New Year. You could decorate any room with this and it would instantly look party ready. It is a low-cost decor idea that will look great. You can get balloons like these in any color and size.

9. Kiss Me at Midnight Garland

We couldn’t have a NYE party list without mentioning midnight kisses! This next pick features a gold “kiss me at midnight” garland. You could decorate any party room/venue with a garland like this. We love this idea because it uses a New Year tradition in a stylish and modern way. Check out the page featured to get yours.

10. Midnight Kisses Party Favor

If you like the midnight kisses theme, then you may like our next idea to. These crackers were created as party favors and inside the crackers are Hershey’s Kisses. This is a cute way to give your guests a small gift to bring in the new year and it ensures that everyone gets a midnight kiss! It makes a fun craft project to.

11. Novelty New Year Party Hats

You may think you have outgrown party hats, these next hats will make you think again! The hats have stylish metallic colors and some have Happy New Year written on them. All your guests will love these. Not only that but you will have some great photos to remember of everyone wearing party hats.

12. NYE Masquerade

Masquerade parties are very popular. If you want to throw a big party, then masquerade could be the theme for you. Everyone can dress up and the theme will create some amazing photos. This is a great idea for anyone looking for a chic but fun party idea.

NYE Masquerade

Source: @shadehotelmb

13. NYE Party Invitations

Parties need invitations, so you should be looking at invitation ideas. The design of the invites is important as it will give your guests a vibe on what the party will be like. Make sure to include all the essential info like dates and times. These two invites are a great source of inspiration.

NYE Party Invitations

Source: @papernpeonies

14. Roaring 20’s / Great Gatsby Outfit and Party Idea

The 20’s are known as time of parties and glamour so why not have this theme for your New Years Eve party. Take it a step further and have a Great Gatsby theme. Everyone will love dressing up and it will be a fun way to bring in the New Year. Here is a party backdrop and outfit idea to get you inspired!

Great Gatsby Outfit and Party Idea

Source: @mtscialdone

15. Roaring 20’s /  Great Gatsby Party Music Idea

If you like the 20’s / Great Gatsby theme, then here is a music idea you need to see. These musicians are playing jazz songs. A live band would be great for a venue or you could just play jazz music. If you have guests who can play instruments get them to play music for the evening! These are also great costume ideas to.

16. Stylish Party Tableware

Paper plates and cups are not just for children’s parties. This next idea shows you that disposable tableware can be as chic and stylish as the real thing. Plates and cups that you can throw away are even better as nothing can get broken. There are many styles available to suit your theme.

17. Fruity Jello Party Shots

New Years Eve isn’t the same without champagne. This year serve your champagne in a unique way by serving it as a jello shot. Jello shots are fun, tasty and everyone will love them. You can turn any drink or cocktail into a jello shot. There are plenty of recipes online to help you.

Fruity Jello Party Shots

Source: @chelsweets

18. Champagne Sign

If you love champagne, then you will love our next decor idea. There is a sign that reads “time to drink champagne and dance on the table” and there are drinks underneath it. This is a fun sign that will suit any party. If you like crafts, then you could make a sign yourself.

19. New Year Party Photo Prop

Having a photo booth at your party? Then you need fun props to use. These props feature mustaches, champagne glasses and more. There is also a garland that could be hung up or held. You can buy many props online or you could make some yourself.

New Year Party Photo Prop

Source: @itsgerliehan

20. New Years Eve Balloons

If you want to go all out on balloon decorations, then this is the way to do it. There are happy new year balloons, the year balloons as well or other smaller ones. You could have them together like this or dot similar ones around your house or venue. Try to choose balloons that coordinate in color.

21. Party Cocktails

Serving cocktails? Then why not serve them in jars like these. Jars are just a cuter and more unique way to serve drinks. You could buy jars online or even recycle ones from your kitchen cupboards. Any drink can go in these and you can jazz them up with straws.

Party Cocktails for NYE

Source: @sugarandcharm

22. New Year Resolutions

Here is another New Years resolution idea. Instead of writing the resolution down on small papers you could have one big paper like this one. It creates banner look, and everyone can write on it. A big group activity like this will bring the party together and can also be kept as a keepsake.

23. Champagne Sparklers

The last idea on our NYE party list are these champagne sparklers. A sparkler will jazz up the drink and it is a special way to serve drinks for the New Year. Everyone could have one of these for the countdown. You don’t just have to use champagne you could use any other drink to. Make sure you buy cocktail sparklers as these are small enough for drinks.

Champagne Sparklers for NYE

Source: @interconmiami

Any of the ideas featured will make your New Years Eve party one to remember!