23 Glam Makeup Ideas for Christmas 2017

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Christmas is such a special occasion, so you will want to look your best. One of the ways that you can jazz up your look for the festive season is with makeup. With makeup you can create many different looks from Christmassy and fun to stylish and sparkly. To give you some inspiration we have found 23 glam makeup ideas for Christmas. There is something for everyone whether your new to makeup or are a pro.

1. Christmas Red and Gold

First up we have this red and gold Christmas makeup look. We love this makeup idea because it combines Christmassy glitter and festive red in a very glamorous way. This look could be quite simple to recreate just try a smokey eye with a small sweep of glitter and finish off with red lips. This would suit any festive occasion.

Christmas Red and Gold Makeup Look

Source: @makeupthang

2. Festive Gold and Green

Another must-have color combination for Christmas is gold and green. Our next makeup idea shows how to put these two together in style! On the top of the lid is a stunning shimmering gold with a sweep of green along the waterline. To recreate the look, you will need Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette and Stila Cosmetics in Rose Gold Retro Magnificent Metal or products like them.

Festive Gold and Green Eye Makeup Look

Source: @dianamaria_mua

3. Winter Glitter Makeup

Our next idea features a shimmering wintry eye look. The glitter is icy blue and silver. We love this combo because it suits the winter season perfectly. You could wear with a similar lipstick of something softer like a light pink. Eyes like these will suit any Christmas occasion.

4. Trendy Gold Glitter Eyeliner

We couldn’t have a Christmas makeup list without featuring gold glitter! Our next idea features a trendy eyeliner flick that shimmers in golden glitter. This is a great way to wear glitter because you get the sparkle without going too over the top. You could wear this to any Christmassy event. To create this look you will need Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy.

Trendy Gold Glitter Eyeliner

Source: @c_flower

5. Classic Makeup Idea for Christmas

Red lips look chic at any time of year but especially during the festive season. Red is an iconic Christmas color and red lipstick is a very stylish way to wear. This next makeup idea features vibrant red lips with the classic black eyeliner on the eyes. This is an easy makeup idea that will suit anyone for Christmas.

Classic Makeup Idea for Christmas

Source: @sameeraxmakeup

6. Glittering Gold

If subtle is not really your thing and you want to make the most of the sparkly season, then this next makeup idea is for you. These eyes feature a stunning blend of gold, dark tones and glitter. We just love this look. Eyes like these would look amazing for a Christmas party. You can find all the products on the artists page.

Glittering Gold Eye Makeup Look

Source: @ayeeshabx

7. Glitter and Gems

Next, we have a darker glam makeup idea. The makeup uses vampy purples and glitter to create a gorgeous look that will wow. Dark purples like these are must-haves for the winter so you can wear the shades long after Christmas is over. With makeup like this you can celebrate Christmas in style. All products used are featured on the artists page.

Glitter and Gems Purple Eye Makeup Look

Source: @makeupthang

8. Wintry Glitter

If you’re looking for glam glittery eyes than look no further! These eyes are shimmery and stunning. We love these because not only will this idea look beautiful for Christmas but also new years to. To recreate the look, you will need Morphe Brushes 35OM and Peaches and Cream Gatsby eyeshadow pigment.

Champagne Glitter Smokey Eye

Source: @dianamaria_mua

9. Subtle Shimmer

Our next idea shows how to shimmer and sparkle with elegance. The eyes feature light shades with subtle glitter over the top. Each eye is finished off with a classic eyeliner flick. The lips are in a soft pink shade. This is a stunning look will make you feel like a pretty princess throughout the Christmas festivities.

Subtle Shimmer Eye Makeup Look

Source: @makeupthang

10. Bold Festive Red Eyeliner

Want a trendy way to wear festive red? Then this next idea could be for you. This eye makeup features a striking and sharp red eyeliner line with minimal shadow and black lashes. We love this idea because it is a stylish take on the classic liner. To create a look like this you need Makeup Forever Aqua XL Color Paint in m-72 or something like it.

Bold Festive Red Eyeliner

Source: @c_flower

11. Icy Shimmer

Next, we have a makeup idea that looks fit for an ice princess! The eyes feature a wintry blue shadow with a sweep of silver glitter. Makeup like this will let your sparkle in style this Christmas. All the products used to create the look are on the artists page.

12. Red Glitter and Gold

We have seen glitter eyes, now what about glitter lips?! This makeup idea features red glitter lips with gold liner on the eyes. This is such a glamorous and unique look. There are many glitter lip colors available online. If you wanted to try glitter lips, the festive season is the perfect time to do so!

Red Glitter Lips and Gold Eyeliner

Source: @makeupbyevva

13. Sparkling Pink Makeup

Our next idea is glamorous and gorgeous. The eyes have a soft pink glitter shadow with a classic black liner flick and the lips are in a light pink shade. This pink tone combo is just stunning and will suit anyone for any Christmas occasion.

14. Eyeliner and Glitter

Like to wear smokey eyes? Then this next look could be for you. The eyes have the classic dark smokey eye but with hint of shimmer and sparkle. While the eyes start dark, the shadow eventually gets lighter until it blends into glitter. There is also a thin glitter line in the crease. To recreate this look you will need Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Palette Shades ‘S2 & S3’, Morphe Brushes 35O Palette and NYX Cosmetics Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold.

Brown and Gold Glitter Eye Look

Source: @_sgbeautyy

15. Glam Gold Eye Makeup

If you love gold glittery looks, then this next idea could be for you to. These next eyes feature a more shimmering glitter than sparkly. The gold has been finished off beautifully with bold black eyeliner and thick lashes. That on its own would be jazzy enough for Christmas but the artist has gone a stope further and added a cute gem. We love this glam look!

Glam Gold Eye Makeup

Source: @shivangi.11

16. Gorgeous Glitter

Next, we have a beautiful sparkly look. Makeup like this is great for the ladies who want to look sparkly and festive but want to avoid the classic colors like gold and red. With makeup like this you can look super stylish and glam for the special occasion.

Pink Glitter Eyes and Matte Lips

Source: @makeupbyevva

17. Glam Shimmer Eyes

Purple shades are must-haves for 2017. This next eye makeup look shows how to wear shimmering purple in style. The eyes have a soft purple shadow that has a silvery look to it. Eyes like these will suit everyone for any occasion from Christmas parties or family gatherings.

Glam Shimmer Eye Makeup Look

Source: @miaumauve

18. Glam Gold Glitter

Loved the red and gold combo from earlier in the post? Then this next pick is for you. Instead of the thin glitter line that those eyes had, these have gone all over glitter. The glitter and red lip color complement each other beautifully. This is a stunning look for Christmas. All the products used are featured on the artists page.

Glam Gold Glitter Eyes and Red Lips

Source: @makeupbyevva

19. Pretty Eyes and Lips

Got a Christmas party coming up? Then this next makeup idea could be for you. The eyes have an eyeshadow blend that will wow with a sweep of glitter on top and the lips have a beautiful matte color. With a look like this you get the glitz and glamour needed for a night on the town.

Pretty Pink Smokey Eye Look

Source: @sameeraxmakeup

20. Shimmer Eye Makeup

Next, we have a Christmas look that has a vintage glamour vibe. The classic black eyeliner flick is there with subtle shimmering gold shadow. What we really love about this look is the white on the waterline and under the black liner flick. All the products used are on the artists page.

Subtle Shimmer Eye Makeup

Source: @shivangi.11

21. Pink Shades and Glitter

Our next idea is for the ladies who want to look like a glam princess through the festive season. This makeup features warm pink shades that have some sparkle. The lips are finished off in a light pink matte lip color. Makeup like this would look gorgeous for new year to.

Glitter Eyes and Pink Lips

Source: @makeupthang

22. Glam Glitter Eyes

Add some glitz and glamour to your look with gold glitter eyes like these. We love this makeup because you can look sparkly but not too much. This way the makeup suits everyone. You can check out all the products used on the artists page.

23. Festive Gold Shimmer Smokey Eyes

Last on our list is this rose gold glitter look. Rose gold is a must-have for 2017 so it would be the perfect choice for the festive season. To recreate the look, you will need Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Palette and Stila Rose Gold Retro Magnificent Metals Glitter.

Festive Gold Shimmer Smokey Eyes

Source: @dianamaria_mua

We hope you have found your perfect makeup idea for Christmas!