23 Chic Outfit Ideas for Women in Their 30’s

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Fashion is always changing. Our style not only adapts to the season, but to our lifestyles and age too. When you hit your 30’s and above, your fashion will shift from what you wore in your 20’s. Maybe you want to be more sophisticated or finally think it’s time to show the world your unique style? Or maybe you want to start a new decade with a new wardrobe? Whatever the reason, we have an outfit for you. We have found 23 gorgeous outfit ideas for women in their 30’s. There are outfits to suit any season and occasion. So, take a look and be trendy in your thirties.

1. Edgy and Smart Outfit Idea

The first outfit is the perfect balance between edgy and smart. This look features leggings with a blouse, sweater and cool ankle boots. If you recreated the same outfit with leather look leggings, you would have one trendy outfit. This is a stylish outfit and if you bought similar pieces, then they can all be worn separately with other clothes in your wardrobe too.

Edgy and Smart Outfit Idea

Source: @sam_nounette

2. Animal Print Blouse with Jeans

Animal prints like snake skin are one of the must-have trends. This next outfit shows how to wear the exotic print in style. Here we have ripped denim jeans with a stylish snake skin blouse. As you can see, it is a casual but trendy look. You can even dress up a shirt like this for the evening by wearing black jeans and heels. The blouse is available to buy at PrettyLittleThing and the jeans are from Zara.

Animal Print Blouse with Jeans Outfit Idea

Source: @_zou.et.ootd_

3. Long Dress and Biker Jacket

Every woman should have a biker jacket in the wardrobe. These stylish leather jackets will compliment any outfit – from jeans and t-shirts to long dresses like the one featured below. This fashionista has worn a long and pretty dress with a black biker jacket. We love this because the dress is soft and feminine while the jacket gives it an edge. An outfit like this can be worn for any occasion from a day shopping with the girls to a night out at the pub.

4. Chic and Elegant Tailored Outfit

Next, we have a chic tailored outfit to show you. This look features a crisp white blouse with long tailored trousers. Both pieces are different shades of white. It is such a stunning look and the color match just adds elegance to the outfit. Something like this will be perfect for a special occasion, especially during the summer. If the color white is not for you, then you can recreate the outfit in any color. Just make sure the blouse and trousers are similar shades.

All White Tailored Outift Idea

Source: @frayze_

5. Trendy Casual Outfit Idea

It’s not just about the trendy blouses, high heels and dresses. You need comfortable outfits in your wardrobe, too. This next outfit shows relaxed fashion at its best. Here we have a nude two piece that is worn with sneakers and coat. This outfit is perfect for lazy days or days where you need to be comfortable to run errands. The neutral color keeps it chic as well. We love this and the two piece is available at Freshlions.

Trendy Casual Outfit Idea

Source: @thanyaw

6. Super Glam Outfit

Need a glam outfit for a special occasion? Maybe you have an epic party coming up where you need to dress to impress? If so, this is the outfit for you. Here we have gold skirt with a side split. The look is complete with a black lace top and tailored jacket. It is a stunning outfit and you will definitely be the belle of the ball if you wore it. You can find similar pieces to these online, so you can easily recreate the look.

Super Glam Outfit

Source: @camilacoelho

7. Oversized T-Shirt Dress

The next outfit is comfy, easy to wear and edgy. Here we have an oversized t-shirt that is worn as a dress with a belt and boots. The look is finished off with a biker jacket. You can find oversized t-shirts online and they are available in different colors. So, there is something to suit everyone. You can wear the t-shirt with tights like featured or you can wear leggings. It can also be adapted to suit different seasons too. For the summer, wear an oversized tee with leggings and sandals.

Oversized T-Shirt Dress

Source: @laara_o

8. Bold Sweater

Another must-have for your wardrobe is a statement sweater just like the orange one below. This outfit features a bright orange sweater that is worn with leggings, a cute hat and sneakers. An outfit like this is perfect for relaxed and casual days. Not only that, but wear the same sweater with jeans and you have another stylish outfit. Orange sweaters just like this one are available online. The leggings are available NA-KD and the hat is from Zara.

9. Stylish Black and White Outfit

Black and white is such a chic and stylish color combo. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look this at this next outfit. The outfit includes a black t-shirt, black tailored jacket, black belt and white trousers. This look is finished off with gold accessories. It such a trendsetting look and the balance of tailoring with a relaxed t-shirt is gorgeous. You can wear this outfit to work and then ditch the jacket for a more fun look after work. This outfit was created with pieces available from Zara.

Stylish Black and White Outfit

Source: @peline_g

10. Cute Knitted Skirt and Sweater

This next outfit is perfect for the ladies who like to experiment and have fun with fashion. Here we have a cute knitted skirt with a one shoulder sweater. The two pieces are brought together with a statement belt. This is a pretty and stylish outfit. Wear similar pieces with boots and tights for a fall and winter look.

Cute Knitted Skirt and Sweater

Source: @sam_nounette

11. Trendy Tartan Trousers

Tartan is still a must-have print and it can look trendy on women of all ages. Here is a fun and chic way to wear tartan. This stylish lady is wearing red tartan trousers with a grey sweater, long coat and black shoes. She is also wearing cute accessories like a beret. It is a statement outfit that allows you wear to wear a bold print in a classy way. There are so many different colors and styles of tartan trousers available online too.

Trendy Tartan Trousers Outfit Idea

Source: @sasabylopez

12. Bright and Edgy Jacket with Jeans

Brighten up your look with an outfit like this one! This outfit features a yellow biker jacket that is worn with jeans, white top and yellow heels. We love this because it is fun and summery. So, it is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Not only that, but it shows a different way to wear the must-have biker jacket. Recreate this or you can wear a similar outfit with white sneakers or some cute flat sandals.

Cute Yellow Leather Jacket Outfit Idea

Source: @laara_o

13. Tweed Two Piece

Give your wardrobe a chic Chanel look with a tweed two piece like this one. The tweed skirt and blazer have been worn with a white sweater. It is a fun, fashionable and stylish look that you can wear to work or when out with friends. You can find tweed two pieces in any color online. Wear with tights and boots for a trendy fall and winter outfit.

Tweed Skirt and Blazer Outfit Idea

Source: @newoutfitters

14. Cute Skirt and Sweater

Like to wear skirts? If so, this outfit is for you. Here we have a cute black skirt with a floral print. The skirt has been worn with a neutral sweater and hat. An outfit like this is easy to wear and it will look quite edgy with a chunky boot and biker jacket. You can find similar pieces to these online.

15. Long Coat with Jeans

A long coat will transform your every day outfits. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at this! This stylish lady is wearing a simple top and jeans with nude heels. The outfit is finished off with a statement long coat. As you can see, the coat really makes the outfit look amazing! You can dress up a coat like this to suit any occasion, it is an investment that you will wear again and again. This coat is the Cayson Coat and is available at Revolve.

Long Coat with Jeans

Source: @anna_brstyle

16. Bold Tailored Dress

This next outfit is another one of our favorites. If you like tailoring, you will love it too! Here we have a chic blazer dress in a bold blue color. This will look amazing paired with heels like the image below or with boots. It is a stylish and statement making outfit that keeps you looking classy. You can buy the blue version from Kimya Dress or you can shop around for blazer dresses online to find a color that you prefer.

Bold Tailored Dress Outfit

Source: @_zou.et.ootd_

17. All Black Outfit with Subtle Sparkle

If you like to wear all black outfits, then this next idea is perfect for you. Here we have tailored trousers with a blouse and belt. We love the black blouse because it subtly sparkles. This is a chic and sophisticated outfit with a little sparkly fun. It is another outfit that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion and each piece can be worn separately with other things too.

All Black Outfit with Subtle Sparkle

Source: @peline_g

18. Stylish Midi Skirt Outfit

Love the animal print looks? If so, you need to check out this next idea. Here we have a leopard print skirt that is worn with chunky boots, a biker jacket and cute hat. It is an edgy, bold and trendy fall and winter look. You can also create a summer outfit with the same skirt. Swap the boots for flip flops and the top and jacket for a black cami and you’re good to go. The skirt is available from Sweeties by Aude D but you can find leopard skirts online as well.

Stylish Midi Skirt Outfit Idea

Source: @sandrinemrn

19. Chic Coat, Dress and Boots

Next, we have a chic and easy to wear look. This outfit features a black dress, neutral long coat and boots. It is an elegant and stylish outfit and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. This outfit is perfect for the ladies who like neutral colors. A coat like this will look great with jeans and sneakers too.

Chic Coat, Dress and Boots

Source: @stephsa

20. Casual All White Outfit

The next idea features another casual outfit. This time we have an all white outfit complete with loose pants, a sweater, cozy coat and sneakers. It is a relaxed and trendy outfit that will suit any season. You can find similar pieces online and each one can be worn separately. This outfit would look great in nude too.

Casual All White Outfit Idea

Source: @sophiadorena

21. Patterned Trousers with a Blouse

Like to wear bold patterns? If so, this outfit could be perfect for you. Here we have patterned trousers that are worn with a blouse and cute black shoes. With an outfit like this, you can show off your unique sense of style but keep your look chic and classy. Trousers like these can be bought online with any print and in any color.

Patterned Trousers with a Blouse

Source: @sam_nounette

22. Edgy Party Outfit

Next, we have another party outfit. This time we have a short sequin skirt with a t-shirt and blazer. An outfit like this would be great for parties and nights out. You can recreate this look with sequin trousers and a t-shirt too. It is a fun and unique outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Edgy Party Outfit

Source: @peline_g

23. Trendy Fall Outfit with a Hat

The last outfit idea is trendy and easy to wear. Here we have jeans and long boots that are worn with a sweater and bold hat. It is quite casual and relaxed but also super stylish. So, you get the best of both worlds. Recreate this or you can wear shorter boots. Ankle boots would look cute.

We hope you have been inspired by the outfit ideas for women in their 30’s.