23 Casual Outfit Ideas for Summer 2020

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The summer is just around the corner so now is the time to create your summer wardrobe. This year our summer plans may be a little different to the ones before, so that has changed the fashion trends too. As this summer, it is all about casual fashion. Think sneakers, t-shirts and stylish one pieces that are easy to wear. This summer is all about looking and feeling great while looking casual and trendy too. So, to give you some inspiration, we have found 23 casual summer outfit ideas. There is something for everyone from shorts, to rompers and comfy dresses. So, take a look and find your summery style.

1. Cute and Casual T-Shirt Dress

First up, we have this cute and casual t-shirt dress. The dress has nautical stripes and is worn with a denim jacket around the waist and stylish sandals. This outfit is so easy to wear and it is perfect for relaxed summer days. Buy a few dresses in different colors and prints and you have a simple and trendy summer wardrobe.

Cute and Casual T-Shirt Dress

Source: @cillarose.xo

2. White Jeans +Striped Shirt

If you like the nautical stripes, then take a look at this outfit. Here have a cute striped t-shirt that is worn with white jeans and summery accessories like a hat and sunglasses. This is a casual and chic look that is perfect for summer days, city breaks and beach vacations.

3. Tropical Romper

A romper is a great item to add to your summer wardrobe. It is one piece, easy to wear and the shorts will keep you cool. Here is a trendy romper idea. This one has a summery and green tropical print, it has sleeves to keep your arms protected from the sun but it has shorts to keep you cool. It is a fun and trendy item that you can dress up or down.

Tropical Romper Outfit Idea

Source: @rothglam

4. Floral Top and Denim Shorts

This next outfit idea is super cute and summery. So, this look features a floral top with classic denim shorts. You can wear an outfit like this with sneakers, flip flops, sandals or wedges so you can create different looks. Shorts like these are great to have as they will suit any top.

5. Animal Print Skirt with a T-Shirt

Animal print is one of the must-have looks for the summer and here is how to wear it in style. Here we have a snake skin skirt that is worn with a cute t-shirt. We love this because the skirt could be quite glam or cute depending on how you wear it. As it is with a t-shirt, it now looks great for everyday. But, wear heels and a blouse and you have an evening look. It is a versatile outfit and you can find skirts like these online.

6. Skirt and Top Outfit Idea

Next, we have a trendy yet casual outfit idea to show you. She is wearing a nude skirt with a simple white top. The whole outfit is glammed up with a denim jacked. A midi skirt is another stylish clothing piece that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. You will wear something like this again and again and it is great for summery days and vacations.

7. Pretty and Purple Top with White Jeans

This next outfit is one of our favorites because it is so pretty, summery and it has a vintage vibe as well. Here we have a purple bow crop top that is worn with white jeans. We love this because that top and jeans has a cute 50’s look and it is just perfect for the summer. You can find tops like these online and that color will suit all jean colors to from black to white.

Pretty and Purple Top with White Jeans

Source: @naomiboyer

8. Stylish and Casual T-Shirt and Shorts

If you are looking for something more casual and easy to wear, then this is perfect! Here we have a dark t-shirt that is worn with denim shorts and sneakers. This is stylish, comfortable and it will look amazing on everyone. Each piece can be worn with different items. If you need a no-fuss summer look, then this is for you.

9. Summery Outfit with a Vintage Vibe

Next, we have another outfit with a vintage vibe. This look features flared jeans with a halter neck crop top and white sneakers. We love this because it has a relaxed and casual 70’s look. It is just perfect for those who like more bohemian style. Recreate this or try a crochet crop top for a real 70’s look.

Summery Outfit with a Vintage Vibe

Source: @victoriamsisco

10. Romper and Denim Jacket

Love the rompers? If so, you need to see this. Here we have a cute romper that is worn with a denim jacket and wedges. As you can see, it is so easy to wear and it is stylish too. You can find similar items to these online so you can try your own version of this. You can buy a few rompers to create different looks.

11. Long Skirt and Top

The next outfit features another long skirt. This one has a leopard print and it is paired with white sneakers, a crop top and a denim jacket. A skirt like this is another that can be worn casually like this or with heels for a more glam look. We love this outfit, it is so versatile and it will suit everyone.

Skirt and Sneakers Outfit Idea

Source: @fringinto

12. Bold Romper

Add a bold pop of color to your look with a romper like this one! As you can see, it is a gorgeous red color with beautiful flowers on the top section. It is a vibrant and super cute romper that will look amazing on everyone. You can wear a romper like this with sneakers, flip flops, sandals or wedges.

13. Cute Shorts and Cami

We love this next casual outfit! Here we have a white cami that is worn with light orange shorts and white sneakers. It looks so comfortable and easy to wear. Not only that, but it is stylish and cute so you can wear it anywhere from shopping to exploring a new city on vacation. It is just simple but gorgeous.

Cute Shorts and Cami

Source: @carolcoluci

14. Stunning White Summer Dress

In the summer season you can never go wrong with a white dress. A white dress can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion and there is a dress style to suit everyone. This one is just stunning! It is mid length with long sleeves and it has a beautiful design. A dress like this will keep a lot of skin protected from the sun while keeping you cool and looking trendy.

Stunning White Summer Dress Outfit Idea

Source: @roadtripchic

15. Long Cover Up with a Top and Shorts

This next outfit is another one of our favorites! Here we have a simple white top that has been paired with denim shorts and sandals. The look is complete with a lightweight leopard print cover up. We love a cover up because they can be worn in different ways and they instantly glam up an outfit. This outfit will be great to take on vacation because you can wear the cover up like this in the evening and with your swimwear too.

16. Simple and Summery Outfit

Sometimes you just want a simple outfit that looks cute and is easy to wear. Well, this one is perfect for that. Here we have a white sleeveless top that is paired with denim shorts. It is a trendy, casual and comfortable outfit that can be worn all summer long. Recreate this or any top will compliment the shorts.

17. Unique Butterfly Jeans

If you want an outfit that is more unique, then this is for you! This outfit features a black t-shirt that is worn with long denim jeans. The jeans are also adorned with beautiful butterflies. You can find jeans like these online or you can buy plain jeans and add butterfly patches. We love this look and it is perfect for someone who wants to try something different.

18. Vibrant Top and Sliders with Shorts

Next, we have another vibrant outfit to show you. This one features a bright yellow top that is worn with denim shorts and summery yellow sliders. It is a fun and statement making outfit idea that is cute and casual too. Recreate this or try a different top with color matching sliders.

19. Nude Outfit Idea for Summer

Maybe you like more neutral colors? If so, this is perfect for you! Here we have a simple nude top that is worn with striped shorts. The look is complete with white sneakers. We love the colors and the overall outfit is so cute and easy to wear. These pieces can be worn separately, so a similar look is a good investment.

Nude Outfit Idea for Summer

Source: @nines_bambines

20. Denim Dungarees Outfit

This next outfit is so cute and easy to wear! Here we have denim dungarees that are worn with a simple t-shirt and white sneakers. Dungarees are trendy and are great for the summer. This denim look is great for pregnant ladies as it is stylish but comfortable. You can also buy dungarees dresses that have the same top but with a skirt. That would look cute as well.

Denim Dungarees

Source: @chicveronique

21. Pretty White Top and Ripped Jeans

Want something summery, cute but a little edgy too? If so, this is for you. This outfit features a pretty white top with ripped jeans and super stylish accessories. It is just a fun and stylish outfit that shows you how to experiment with fashion. The ripped jeans give the chic top an edge too. Recreate this or try any style of ripped jean, you can try even more rips.

22. Pink T-Shirt Dress

Earlier in the post we featured a t-shirt dress. If you loved that idea, then check this one out too. This outfit features a vibrant pink t-shirt dress that is again worn with denim and sneakers. It just shows how a different colored t-shirt creates a different look. We love this statement making pink!

Pink T-Shirt Dress

Source: @sal_clark

23. Cute Top, White Jeans and Sneakers

The last outfit is so cute and easy to wear. The outfit is complete with white jeans, a gorgeous top and sneakers. Something like this will suit women of all ages and it is perfect for relaxed summery days and exploring on vacation too. Again, all of these pieces can be worn separately, so you can create a few different outfits.

We hope you love these casual summer outfits!