23 Breathtaking Wedding Dresses for 2018

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Are you a bride-to-be? Then you are in the right place! We have put together 23 of the most breathtaking wedding dresses for 2018. From dream fairy tale gowns to trendy lace pieces, there is a dress for every bride. Take a look and get inspired, you may find the perfect wedding dress design for your special day.

1. Elegant, Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress

Our first dress is fit for a princess. The dress has an off the shoulder, fitted bodice that flows into a stunning skirt. There is also beautiful detailing on the bottom of the skirt. A dress like this is perfect for a fairy tale wedding. You could wear it with an updo to show off the gorgeous off the shoulder top.

2. Unique Wedding Dress with Embroidered Bodice

Next, we have a dress with a unique design. The skirt and bodice have intricate detailing and embroidery. The fabric is also sheer for much of the dress. A gown like this would be perfect for a summer or beach wedding. It is a chic dress that will make you look like a stylish bride.

Unique Wedding Dress with Embroidered Body

Source: @pallascouture

3. Lace Wedding Gown with Tassels

White lace is a classic choice for a wedding. This dress uses that traditional idea with a modern silhouette to create a beautiful dress. It is a stretch dress that slips on and has tassels around the hem. It would be a perfect choice for anyone who wants a bridal look that is bold, fun and stylish.

4. Elegant, Traditional Wedding Dress

If you do prefer a more traditional dress and silhouette, then this gown could be for you. It has the classic long white skirt with beautiful sheer sleeves. This is a wedding dress that will take everyone’s breath away. Wear with an updo to show off the gorgeous neckline and sleeves.

Elegant Traditional Wedding Dress

Source: @ideal_moscow

5. Statement, Double Slit Wedding Dress

Our next dress is for the brides who don’t want a classic look and want to make a statement. The dress has a lace design and two high slits. It is a dress for the daring brides who want to wow. A dress like this would look amazing for a beach wedding.

6. Delicatem Floral Wedding Gown

Your dress doesn’t have to be white, you could go for an elegant neutral tone like this. This delicate dress is in a light and pretty color with 3D flowers. You could go for a similar dress or a different style in a similar neutral tone. We love this wedding dress alternative.

Delicate Floral Nude Wedding Dress

Source: @berta

7. Glamorous Gown with Sheer Cape

If you are looking for a stylish and glamorous dress, then our next idea is for you. This close-fitting dress has beautiful embellishments and a plunging neckline. The dress also comes with a sheer cape. A cape is a unique and stylish piece to wear with your gown.

Glamorous Wedding Gown with Sheer Cape

Source: @berta

8. Gown and Veil with Floral Applique

A veil is another important part of the bridal look. This next idea features a stunning gown with a matching veil. Both have applique flowers and look amazing. This look combines traditional bridal designs and modern style. A gown and veil like this would look beautiful on any bride.

Floral Wedding Dress with a Veil

Source: @steven_khalil

9. Wedding Gown with Overskirt

Next, we have a wedding dress that is chic and stylish. This gown is close fitting with beautiful embroidery. The dress also has a stunning white sheer overskirt. An overskirt is a great design idea because it allows you to have two different styles in one dress. Here we can see the combination of embroidery and sheer fabric.

Overskirt Lace Wedding Dress

Source: @berta

10. Wedding Dress with Stunning Detail

Wedding dresses can be designed with intricate detailing. This dress is embellished and embroidered to create a stunning design. Another clever feature about this dress is that is has detachable sleeves. With the choice of sleeves or no sleeves you get two looks in one dress. We love this dress, it is a work of art.

Wedding Dress with Stunning Detail

Source: @pallascouture

11. Beautiful Wedding Dress with Tiered Skirt

Another beautiful style feature that wedding dresses have is a tiered skirt. This next dress shows how gorgeous a tiered skirt can look. A dress like this would suit anyone and make you feel like a princess. You can also get wedding gowns with more tiers to. We love this chic and romantic wedding dress.

12. Breathtaking Floral Wedding Dress

Our next wedding dress idea is one that will wow. The dress sweeps the floor and has a close-fitting bodice and large skirt. It also has beautiful 3D flowers on the top and skirt. This gown is breathtaking and it looks like the classic dream dress from a fairy tale.

Princess Floral Wedding Dress

Source: @steven_khali

13. Rose Embroidery Wedding Dress

Roses are the flowers of romance. So, it is no surprise that these flowers inspire wedding dress designs. This next dress is made from lace with rose embroidery. The dress is stunning, romantic and would look beautiful on any bride. A dress like this is perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding.

14. Stunning Lace Dress with Train

Next, we have another lace design. This one uses a more traditional lace on a chic and modern dress. The dress has off the shoulder sleeves and a beautiful train. You could have a similar dress with or without the train and maybe even without the sleeves. It is a great source of inspiration.

15. Gorgeous Wedding Dress with Sheer Sleeves

If you do love a wedding dress with sleeves, you could consider sheer sleeves like these. With sheer sleeves you get the coverage, but they suit the bridal look. You can have sleeves with any dress, even one with a plunging neckline. This is a beautiful example of how to wear a sleeved gown in style.

Gorgeous Wedding Dress with Sheer Sleeves

Source: @ideal_moscow

16. Delicate and Stylish Floral Wedding Dress

You can be very creative with the design of your wedding dress. This dress has a combination of a classic bridal look and a modern and stylish one. One side of the dress is delicate and floaty and the other is sheer with 3D flowers. We love this stunning and unique gown. It would be perfect for a summer wedding.

17. Fairy Tale Wedding Gown and Cape

Here we have another dress that has a beautiful cape. The cape is long, sheer and white. It covers a simple, pretty and floaty wedding dress. The overall look is romantic and elegant. A gown and cape like this will make you look like you are out of a fairy tale.

Fairy Tale Wedding Gown and Cape

Source: @ideal_moscow

18. Stunning Off the Shoulder Gown

Prefer wedding dresses with larger and fuller skirts? Then this dress could be for you. The dress sweeps the floor and has a close fitting, off the shoulder bodice. A luxurious dress like this looks like the classic wedding dress dream. It would suit a very elegant wedding.

19. Backless Wedding Dress with Train

Our next wedding dress idea is a breathtaking one and will wow your groom. It is close fitting, sheer in places and is also backless. The most stunning feature of this dress is the train. This would look amazing when you are walking down the aisle. For a stylish bridal look, choose a dress that is embellished like this one.

Backless Wedding Dress

Source: @berta

20. Wedding Dress with Overskirt

Earlier in the post we featured a dress with an overskirt. If you liked that style, then you may like this dress too. This one has a different neckline and detailing; however, the overskirt is fuller. It is another beautiful example of how an overskirt can add drama and style to wedding gown.

21. Wedding Dress with Embellished Bodice

Embellished wedding dresses are very popular for 2018. We can see why. This dress has a close-fitting bodice and large, full skirt. Both have beautiful embellishments. We love the decorated style because you can make your elegant dress unique with beautiful floral patterns.

Princess Wedding Dress with Embellished Bodice

Source: @steven_khalil

22. Sexy Wedding Dress

Sheer wedding dresses are another must-have bridal trend. This sexy wedding dress has intricate detailing and is sheer in places. Not only that, but the dress has a plunging neckline. If you want a breathtaking dress, then choose one like this. You can have detailed, sheer wedding dresses in all different styles too.

Sexy Wedding Dress with Plunging Neckline

Source: @pallascouture

23. Elegant Dress with Floral Applique

Last on our list is this elegant wedding dress. The gown has a beautiful backless feature and floral applique. It is a stunning dress and would be perfect for a summer or beach wedding. A dress like this would also be great for brides who are looking for a boho style. We love this wedding dress!

We hope you found inspiration from these dresses for you bridal look!