23 Best Short Ombre Hair Ideas for 2019

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There are lots of color techniques for your hair, one of the most popular is ombre. Ombre usually features hair that blends from a dark color to a light color. There are so many stylish ways to create the ombre look from vibrant colors to classic blonde shades. Most of the time, ombre is used on long hair but it looks amazing on short hair too! Short hair looks so trendy with a flash of color. To show you how cool it looks, we have put together 23 of the best short ombre hair ideas. There is a gorgeous hairstyle for everyone, so take a look!

1. Blue Short Ombre Hair

Let’s start off with this gorgeous ombre bob. The hair is short, sleek and trendy. There is an ombre blend of a dark grey tone with a beautiful blue shade. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies who want a bold hair makeover. A blue like this will work with any root color too, from black to blonde.

Blue Short Ombre Hair

Source: @lo.rean

2. Bright Bob with Bangs

Next, we have a pretty and bright ombre style to share with you. The hair is a dark with an added peachy tone. We love this hair idea because it is super stylish, the bangs are beautiful too! You can recreate a similar hairstyle to this or try straight hair. Peach would also look cute with other colors. You can pair it with you natural blonde hair, too.

3. Icy Blonde to Purple Ombre

A popular color used in ombre styles is purple. Here we have a beautiful example. The hair is icy blonde with a light, pastel purple applied to the ends. A hairstyle like this is great for anyone who wants to try a bright and bold color that is easy to maintain. You can let the color grow out or have it reapplied. This works with other shades too.

4. Icy Grey Short Ombre Hair

Our next idea shows a trendy way to rock ombre with a very short cut. The hair is dark and then towards the front, the hair blends into any icy grey shade. This is an amazing hairstyle that will suit anyone. Recreate this look or try the same haircut with a different bold color.

5. Chic Short Ombre Bob

If you are looking for a subtler ombre hairstyle, this next pick could be for you. For this look the hair is dark at the root and then blends into light blonde. This is a chic and easy to wear hair idea. It will suit everyone. You can create a similar look to this or use a brighter blonde shade for a bolder hairstyle.

Chic Short Ombre Bob

Source: @salon.nine

6. Soft Pink Ombre Lob

Another must-have ombre shade is pink! Pink is a cute and pretty color that never goes out of style and here is a chic way to wear it. The hair is a darker color at the top and then midway the hair turns into a soft pink. This is a gorgeous hair idea that will suit everyone.

Soft Pink Ombre Lob

Source: @lo.rean

7. Statement Ombre Bob with Bangs

Looking for a bold new hairstyle that will wow? Then this next hair idea is for you! This hairstyle features a sleek black bob with an added vibrant yellow tone. This is such a trendsetting ombre look! You can recreate this hairstyle or try the sleek bob with a different statement shade.

Statement Ombre Bob with Bangs

Source: @ciarasikes

8. Copper Ombre Hair

Copper is a gorgeous color choice for hair. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this short ombre hairstyle. Here we have short curls with a dark brown root color, then midway a warm copper shade has been added. Hair like this is perfect for any season, but especially the fall and winter as copper is a must-have for that time of year.

Copper Ombre Hair

Source: @salonjadewi

9. Purple Ombre Bob

Our next idea is modern and trendy. This hairstyle features a short bob with a gorgeous purple ombre look. We love this hairstyle because of the shape and cut. A hairstyle like this is great for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.

10. Fiery Short Ombre Hair

Spice up your look with a fiery ombre like this! For this ombre hairstyle, the hair is very short with a beautiful red and orange blend. This hair idea is just stunning! You can recreate this short look or try a similar color blend on a longer style like a bob.

11. Short Dark Purple Ombre

Next, we have a beautiful black bob with dark purple ombre. The dark purple used here is just gorgeous, a color like this would really suit the fall and the winter seasons. Purple shades like this one can be used with any root color and a hairstyle like this will look amazing on everyone!

Short Dark Purple Ombre Hair

Source: @jayjaycutshair

12. Summery Short Ombre Lob

Have sun-kissed hair all year round with ombre like this. Here we have a beach wave brunette lob with a golden blonde ombre look. This is a stunning hairstyle that will make you feel summery no matter what the season. You can recreate this look or try a lighter blonde shade. Either way, it will look beautiful.

13. Sleek, Light Pink Ombre Bob

When you have an ombre hairstyle, the different shade does not have to start midway. You can have the color added further up towards the root like this. This sleek bob features dark grey roots with blush pink ombre. As you can see, the color is higher up but you still get the ombre style. Create your own version of this bob or choose similar colors with the classic ombre look.

Sleek, Light Pink Ombre Bob

Source: @hairbykacie1

14. Cute Short Ombre Hair Idea

Our next idea is cute and pretty! This short cut features dark brown root color with caramel ombre. The ombre is subtler here but it is perfect for the ladies who are trying the look for the first time or those who don’t want bold hair color. Hair like this is trendy and will look chic season after season.

Cute Short Ombre Hair Idea

Source: @hairmaid

15. Warm Fall Ombre

Love the fall season and all the colors? Then this ombre hair idea is for you. This ombre look features stunning shades that are very popular during the season. The root color is dark purple which then blends into a warm, honey blonde shade. This is a gorgeous ombre look that is perfect for the fall and beyond!

16. Short Pink Ombre Hair

Next, we have another cool way to wear ombre with short hair. This trendy cut features dark hair that blends into pink. Hair like this is bold and expresses your unique sense of style. You can recreate the pink look or try a different shade. Blue or purple would look amazing too.

Short Pink Ombre Hair

Source: @hairbydanna

17. Black to Purple Bob

Here we have another purple idea for you. This one features a beautiful dark purple that has been described as lavender ash. The purple tone looks so stylish with the black hair. This is a cute ombre idea that will suit everyone. Dark ombre tones like this will add a flash of color but in a subtler way compared to the brighter shades.

18. Light Blonde Ombre Idea

Looking for blonde ombre? Then you need to check out this hairstyle. Here we have a stylish blonde ombre look. The hair is dark at the root with an added light blonde. It is a trendy hairstyle that has a boho beachy vibe. Ombre like this is chic and easy to wear.

Light Blonde Ombre Idea for Short Hair

Source: @bohobrushed

19. Vibrant Blue Ombre Bob

Our next idea is vibrant and will make you stand out from the crowd. This look features black hair with bold blue ombre. Another thing you should know is that this ombre look was created with a wig! You can check out the wig and how she customized the color from blue to blonde on the page featured below. If you don’t want a trip to the salon, a wig could be perfect! You can try out the look without the hassle.

Vibrant Blue Ombre Bob for Black Women

Source: @rhythmnbeauty

20. Stylish Grey Ombre Bob

Grey is a super stylish hair color idea! Here is how to rock the color with the ombre technique. The hair is dark grey with a hint of purple at the top, and then it blends into light grey. Hair like this is perfect for the trendsetters. Recreate the grey look or try the light grey with a different root color.

Stylish, Purple to Grey Ombre Bob

Source: @hairbykacie1

21. Trendy Bob

Next, we have a very trendy bob to share. This one features dark roots with a stylish pale purple tone. We love this hair color idea because it is unique and creative. You can choose a color like this or go for a pale pink or blue, those would be nice!

Trendy Rose Gold Bob

Source: @hairbykacie1

22. Dark Red Ombre

Here we have another red idea. This one is quite subtle because the red is a dark shade. It suits the root color beautifully. Hair like this is easy to wear and it will suit everyone. If you want a bolder hairstyle then choose a red that is a little brighter.

23. Cute Pink Ombre Bob

The last short ombre hairstyle we have to show you is this cute pink bob. For this, the hair is dark brown with light pink ombre. We love this look because the pink has been added to a smaller section of hair than the classic ombre. It is a gorgeous look and you can recreate the pink look or try a different color like blue or purple.

We hope you have found a new short ombre hair look to try!