21 Stunning Summer Hair Color Ideas

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We’re all excited because spring and summer is on its way. What we’re more excited about than the prospect of sun, late nights and lapping up the hot rays, is summer hair.

You need to see these 21 stunning summer hair color ideas that we predict will be HUGE this summer!

1. Beige Blonde Balayage Colourmelt

Did you know that the word balayage is a French term and it means ‘to sweep’? That should give you some idea of the kind of hair style you’ll be getting when you opt for a look that ‘sweeps’.

Beige Blonde Balayage Colourmelt

Source: @jamiekeikohair

This beige blonde balayage colourmelt is great because it enables you to keep some of your original, natural hair color in whilst changing things up at the same time.

2. Melting Copper Hair

Everyone loves a redhead but just because you’re going red, doesn’t mean you need to go for bolshy, one-toned reds like Rihanna loves to rock from time to time.

Copper Balayage Long Bob

Source: @hairandharlow

This stunning melting copper hair is a balayage-ombre look which allows you to gradually float from your natural browny-red to a more bold and dazzling shade. Just like the blonde before, it’s a great way to play around with a new color if you don’t want one-tone all-over locks.

3. Caramel Blend

And here we provide you with another classic example of playing around with soft tones. We showed you the blonde, the redhead, and now we’ve come to the brunette.

If you want to go blonde but not too blonde, or you don’t want the damage associated with all-over blonde hair, this caramel blend is a beautiful idea, taking you from dark and glossy shades of brown to almost strawberry blonde hues.

4. Apricot Balayage

In fact, that’s what makes these beautiful summer hair color ideas so great. Designs that are balayage or hand-painted allow for more errors, and they also allow for a little longer between salon appointments too.

Apricot Balayage Hair for Summer

Source: @xostylistxo

This beautiful apricot balayage is such a bold color but think about it… It could easily have been a much brighter red than this and this could have been the process of the grow-out. The darker roots certainly indicate that and more than that, the darker roots look great.

5. Blonde Ombre Hair

Growing out much blonder hair? Perhaps you just want to go from lighter back to your more natural darker shades but you want to do it gradually rather than all in one go? Ta-dah! Blonde ombre hair!

Blonde Ombre Hair Color Idea for Summer

Source: @chris_el_meth

Start with a balayage and work your way up from there. You can add more color (or less) over time giving you a much easier, less drastic way to make a big change.

6. Honey Blonde Balayage Highlights

If you want to try going a little lighter but aren’t sure whether or not it will suit you, this lets you play around with light at the ends while still keeping things simple around the face.

Honey Blonde Balayage Highlights for Brunettes

Source: @hairbykimtran

The color changes are so subtle here but the three-dimension of tones and shades bring it together into a thicker, more volume-infused mane.

7. Hair on Fire

We’re totally singing the Alicia Keys song right now but this bright hair on fire look is not only stunning, but super lust-worthy too.

Fire Hair Color Idea

Source: @chrisweberhair

If you’re trying to go from red to blonde again, or maybe you’re just stuck in that strawberry blonde phase, don’t try to brush it under the carpet.

8. Dark & Light Beige Tones

Balayage looks give you much subtler looks which makes them great for using those really brave and daring colors you wouldn’t have been brave or bold enough to try before just like this mix of both dark and light beige tones.

Dark and Light Blonde Beige Hair

Source: @maeipaint

Using more hand-painted techniques over foils and other methods gives you the opportunity to be in completely control of the color mix – the blend, the gradient, everything.

9. Chocolate & Caramel Highlights for Dark Hair

Just like balayage, ombre is a slightly different affair, still with the hand-painted theme, but instead shading or graduating the color, normally with lighter on the bottom and darker on the top but it can vary between styles and designs.

Chocolate Caramel Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

Source: @paintedhair

There are plenty of celebs who’ve rocked a look just like this one over the years and it’s becoming more and more popular. With the likes of Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore and Giselle going for hair just like this, we think it’s the next one to add to our list.

10. Light Blonde Highlights

Adding light blonde highlights to your hair, whether it’s blonde or darker browns, you’re going to add a summery, happy glow to it. When these balayage highlights are done properly by a hair stylist, the look can life your hair, making it look lively and full of bounce, something you may have struggled with before.

Light Blonde Highlights for Blonde Hair

Source: @tayannesmith

Here’s a little trick for you – if you have thin hair, or want to add some ‘oomph’ to lifeless hair, go with highlights. It helps to add more dimension.

11. Dimensional Honey Blonde Hair

Summer is coming and the sun will naturally lighten your hair a little like this dimensional honey blonde hair anyway. Why not give it a little helping hand / head start by asking your hair stylist instead?

Dimensional Honey Blonde Hair Color for Summer

Source: @rachel_redd

With all this misery and cold weather everyone’s been having, summer cannot come soon enough and we’ll certainly be in good spirits with hair this fabulous!

12. Caribbean Sunset Hair

So you want new hair but you don’t want something that you’ve already tried before. If you’ve done bombshell blonde and caramel honey browns, and you’re not sure about going back to bright and bolshy redheads, why not opt for pink?

Caribbean Sunset Hair Color Idea

Source: @carmellarunza

OK, so it’s not your every day kind of look but that’s why we love it so much. Plus it’s been so brilliantly blended that is looks almost natural… If that’s even possible.

13. Golden Blonde Ombre

If you wanted something even more subtler than the ombre, you need to learn all about the ‘sombre’, it’s slightly less brave and bold cousin!

The sombre is basically a much softer ombre and can be a range of colors, much like the balayage and ombre looks.

14. Dark Brown & Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blondes are great for getting rid of bright and copper tones, a great tip for those who want to go from a darker brown to a lighter blonde without the hassle of going yellow, orange or every other ‘wrong’ color in between.

Ash Blonde Hair Color for Summer

Source: @maepaint

Ask your hair stylist for some honey blonde, strawberry blonde, and ash blonde highlights and balayage lowlights to achieve this stunning look. The darker roots also allow for more time between salon trips too… Just saying!

15. Beautiful Caramel and Beige Tones

If you have super dark hair, rather than focusing on going all-over blonde or lighter, pick these beautiful beige and caramel tones and delicately hand-paint them in this balayage style instead.

Beautiful Caramel and Beige Blonde Hair

Source: @chrisweberhair

Dark roots have never been so in fashion! (Thank God!)

16. Dark Blonde to Light Blonde Hair Blend

Even blondes get to have a little fun as you can see from this dark blonde to light blonde hair blend, a very clever creation that almost looks like a trick of the light.

Dark Blonde to Light Blonde Hair Blend

Source: @hairandharlow

It’s the most subtle of blends and the seams between that platinum blonde at the end and that darker blonde at the top is barely recognisable. Very clever hair artistry!

17. Light, Chocolate Brown Highlights

If you just want to bring your brunette hair to life and you’re not interested in going for a bold, brave color, opt for lighter, chocolate brown highlights running through your darker brown hair.

It’s only a little change but it will bring it to life after a good cut if you’re not pampered yourself for a while, and it’ll last longer than most other hair designs too.

18. Pink Blush Lob

Thinking of a shorter cut? This beautiful pink blush lob is definitely one to try. So browny-blonde, it’s almost blush pink.

Rose gold is a look favored by the stars right now and just one of the many big names who’s rocked this look includes Cara Delavingne, supermodel and general all-round fashionista. If she’s rocking it, you know it’s going to be a big thing.

19. Copper Caramel Highlights for Dark Hair

If you have dark hair, as long as you’re prepared to put in the lightening treatments and bleach work, you too could rock a look like this – copper caramel highlights just peeking through those beautiful long locks.

Want to try a new shade but not really sure what? This is a great way to getting things started and as it fades, you could play around with more colors, especially if you go for semi-permanent dyes at home.

20. Caramel and Golden Blonde Blend

It looks like the best chocolate bar we’ve ever seen but there’s something better than sweet about this caramel and golden blonde blend, perfect for those in-between stages of color and length.

Caramel and Golden Blonde Hair Color Blend

Source: @paintedhair

It’s a great color to accommodate a good cut – the one you have between winter and summer to try and get rid of those nasty split and dead ends left over from the colder weather. You can leave the roots relatively natural, giving you a chance to inject some life back into your hair, and as the ends grow, you can have the lighter shades snipped out.

21. Golden Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Just because you have dark hair, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with blonde too. These golden blonde highlights on dark hair are more ombre than balayage, covering most of the bottom half of her locks, but if you were to wear this in a pony tail, the look would be staggering!

Imagine those beautiful blonde curls!

Balayage, ombre, sombre, highlights, lowlights… Summer is coming and so is the fun summer hair. Which one is your favourite? Which of these do you want to be rocking this summer?