21 Short Nail Designs for Summer 2020

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When looking for new nail art you will often find amazing designs for long nails only. Sometimes it can seem like the best art is for sharp stiletto nails or the popular and trendy coffin shape. But what about those with short nails? Well, we at StayGlam are here to help. We have done some of the hard work for you and have found 21 short nail designs for the summer. There are some amazing designs including ombre, flowers and animal print. You can still have stylish nails even with a short length. So, take a look, many of these can be recreated at home by you!

1. Pretty Flower Nails

The first nail idea that we have to show you features bright and beautiful nail art. So, the nails are light pink and each one has three small flowers painted in the center. It is a gorgeous idea and you can recreate this or use the flowers on one nail only. The colors used to create this design are: Earth’s Finest, My Rain-Beau, Team Sweets, Macaruin My Diet, Hooray of Sunshine, Sugar Rush and Light to the Touch all by Ella+Mila.

Pretty Flower Nails

Source: @kt_tk1

2. Bright Pastel Nail Design for the Summer

Next, we have another bold and bright nail design of the summer. This mani uses pastel blue and yellow as the main colors. Some nails are these light shades while one nail is white with a marble and gold foil design. It is a cute and colorful idea that is perfect for the spring and summer. Try something similar or just have blue and yellow nails.

Bright Pastel Nail Design for the Summer

Source: @ana0m

3. Ombre and Leopard Print

Leopard print is still one of the hottest nail designs and here is how to wear it in style this summer. Here we have short stiletto nails and each one has zesty orange ombre on the tips. The ombre is then covered in a classic black leopard print. It is a trendy, wild and bold design. You can find tutorials online for French ombre and leopard nail art.

Leopard Print Nail Design

Source: @superflynails

4. Colorful Polka Dots

Looking for a fun and colorful design? If so, you need to see this idea. This mani features nude nails with a gold dot near the cuticle and brightly colored polka dots near the tips. We love this because the polka dots are so vibrant and the colors used are perfect for the summer. You can hand-paint the dots or we would recommend a dotting tool which will give you a neat finish.

Colorful Polka Dot Nails

Source: @superflynails

5. Unique Candy Nail Art

This next nail idea is unique and very vivid. Here we have candy inspired nails. So, the nails are nude with colorful shapes and white outlines. The bright colors and fun design are great for the summer season. This mani will be perfect for vacations and events like festivals. You can see how the art was created on the nail artist’s page.

Unique Candy Nail Art

Source: @badgirlnails

6. Glitzy Watermelon Nail Design

Watermelon nail art is very popular during the summer season and with nails like these, we can see why! Each nail has a different design including block color, glitter and watermelon art. It is a glam and summery design that will suit any occasion. Recreate this or experiment to create your own watermelon mani. You can find tutorials online for painting watermelons and the colors used for this design are all by Essie. The shades are Watermelon, Off Tropic and Rock At The Top.

Glitzy Watermelon Nail Design

Source: @kt_tk1

7. Cute Mermaid Nails

Give your nails a mermazing look this summer with a design like this one! The nails use bright purple and blue colors. There is also a nail with bold and sparkly mermaid scales too. It is such a fun design and it is perfect for those who love mermaids. The products used to create this mani are Holo Taco Rainbow Snow and Salon Perfect PurplePOP! & Met-Made of Money.

Cute Mermaid Nails

Source: @srg.nails

8. Mandala Nail Art

The next nail idea is unusual and beautiful. For this look, most of the short nails have an artistic blue, white and gold design. While the others are nude with white mandala patterns. It is such a stunning idea and the white patterns are gorgeous. Recreate this mani or you can use the white patterns on all nails. You can also buy mandala nail stickers.

Mandala Nail Art for Short Nails

Source: @nagi_kmnr

9. Cute Clouds Nail Design

Next, we have another cute and quirky nail design to show you. These nails feature blue gradient art with white clouds over the top. It is a fun and unique idea and the blue skies are perfect for the summer. You can recreate these or use any weather of your choice. The clouds can be used just as an accent nail as well. This design was created with colors Snow Me white, Endless Blue and Wonder Mint and all are available at Walmart.

Cute Clouds Nail Design

Source: @badgirlnails

10. Vivid Stripes

We love this next nail idea! Here we have short stiletto nails and each nail has a creative and vivid stripe design. The colors used are amazing and the odd flash of gold really glams up the mani. You can be very artistic with this and use any colors and you can be random with stripes. There is no strict way to recreate this, so just have fun.

Colorful Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @superflynails

11. Pastel Rainbow Nails

This next idea is another one of our favorites because it is colorful, summery but so easy to create and wear too. For this mani, each nail is painted in a different bright pastel shade. The use of different colors make this mani so statement making. To recreate it you will need polishes in shades Earth’s Finest, My Rain-Beau, Team Sweets, Macaruin My Diet, Hooray of Sunshine and Sugar Rush by Ella+Milla or shades like them.

Pastel Rainbow Nails

Source: @kt_tk1

12. Beautiful Butterfly Nail Art

Butterflies are another pretty nail design for the summer. Here is how to wear butterflies in style. This mani features pink nails with one sparkly accent nail. Four of the nails also have stunning hand-drawn butterflies. This is a gorgeous design and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. You can find tutorials online on how to paint butterflies or you can buy nail stickers.

Beautiful Butterfly Nail Art

Source: @lieve91

13. Stylish Watermelon Nail Art

Earlier in the post we featured trendy watermelon nail art. If you liked the fruity idea then you should see these nails to. This mani features another way to wear watermelons. Some nails are white and red, one is green and one is white with small watermelons. It is a cute idea and it shows a different way to wear the watermelon trend. The colors used are Ella+Mila Earth’s Finest and OROSA Wild Flower.

Watermelon Nail Design for Summer

Source: @badgirlnails

14. Pink and Orange Flame Nails

Flames are another hot trend for the summer and we love this version of the trend. Most of the nails have a pink and orange ombre flame design while one nail has sparkly ombre. It is a super stylish design and the colors are perfect for the summer. You can find tutorials for the flames or you can buy nail stickers.

Pink and Orange Flame Nails

Source: @lieve91

15. Summery Geode Nails

Next, we have a cool mani inspired by geodes. As you can see, most of the nails are light but there is one accent nail. The accent nail has a blue and gold geode design. It is a pretty, stylish and summery nail idea. You can recreate this or use any color for the geode. This mani was created with Essence nail polishes in colors Dream On, Wild White Ways and Give Me Nude Baby.

Crystal Geode Nail Design

Source: @ana0m

16. Cute Marble Art

The next nail idea features a cute marble nail design. Now, this is not the classic white marble, but this is water marble. For this, bright colors can be dripped into water. Then you can use a toothpick to move the colors in a design you want. Finally, dip the nail in the water. It is such a cool way to create nail art and there are plenty of tutorials online.

Cute Marble Nail Art

Source: @mypolishworld

17. Vibrant Green Short Nails with Gold

Love vibrant colors? If so, you need to see this next nail idea. These nails are a vivid green color and some of the nails are green and white stripes with gold foil. The colors are gorgeous and the nail art is so chic. If you love color and classy designs, then this is for you. This type of design will look amazing with other colors such as purple.

Vibrant Green Short Nails with Gold

Source: @ana0m

18. Multi Colored Nail Idea

As it is summer, you could give you nails a fun and bright makeover. Something like this would be perfect. For this look, each nail is painted in a different bright pastel shade. The bold colors and accent nail details, really create a summery vibe. Recreate this or you could even use palm leaves or palm trees.

Multi Colored Nail Design for Summer

Source: @nail_sunny

19. Gradient Nails with Gold Nail Tape

Next, we have a gradient look with stylish gold nail tape. So, the nails start with yellow on the thumb and end with dark pink on the little finger with all different shades in-between. This gives you a gradient look. Each nail is also decorated with gold nail tape. Nail tape is easy to apply just cut the size you want, place it on the nail, press down and complete the look with a clear top coat.

Gradient Nails with Gold Nail Tape

Source: @badgirlnails

20. Chic Floral Nail Design

If you like the floral nail designs, then you need to see this! Each nail has a light base color with pink flowers over the top. The pink flowers are pretty and are perfect for the summer. This mani would be great for any occasion, even a summer wedding! Recreate something similar or use any flower type and color of your choice for the design.

Chic Floral Nail Design

Source: @lieve91

21. Nude and Light Blue Nails

The last nail idea features nude and blue nails with blue art. One nail is completely blue while others have blue marble art which is placed on the nails in way that creates a water effect. We love this because it reminds of us ocean waves. When we look at this, we instantly think of beaches and the summer. This is perfect if you want a design that is more unique.

We hope you have found a stylish short nail design to try!