21 Ideas for a Rustic Wedding

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The rustic wedding theme has become very popular. It is a theme that is all about the outdoors and the countryside. You can create the rustic look at your wedding in a couple of ways. You can have an outdoor wedding or bring the natural elements indoors. We love this theme and think you will to. So, we have found 21 rustic wedding ideas. Any of these would be a great way to add rustic romance to your special day.

1. Rustic Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations will give the guests and idea of what your wedding theme is. So, if you are going for a rustic vibe your invitations should try to reflect that. These invitations use natural colors and have earthy embellishments. A design like this is rustic and elegant. The lace is a beautiful bridal touch.

Rustic Wedding Invitations for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @calyerdesigns

2. Bride and Groom Styling Ideas

Deciding what to wear for the wedding is one of the biggest challenges. Many might choose boho styling for this wedding theme but these two prove that rustic can be glam. They both have a trendy wedding look and the colors are neutral and earthy. These two get the balance right of natural and glamorous wedding. This is a great source of inspiration for your own wedding outfits.

Bride and Groom Styling Ideas for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @chrisandruth

3. Floral Welcome to the Wedding Board

Show all your guests where the most epic wedding of the year is taking place with a beautiful sign like this. The sign looks like a chalk board with elegant calligraphy of the couple’s name and wedding date. The board is finished off with vibrant flowers. You could recreate this at your own wedding with any flower arrangement. It would make an awesome DIY project to if you are creative.

Floral Welcome to the Wedding Board for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @springdefleurs

4. Rustic Barn Wedding Idea

Barns are very popular venues for a rustic theme wedding. It may not sound glamorous at first but the image featured should change your mind. It has been decorated with beautiful flowers, candles and lights. A setting like this is elegant, cozy and very romantic. You could add in your own floral arrangements and add your own decor. There are many barn wedding venues out there.

5. Confetti Baskets

No wedding is complete with confetti. Instead of having little confetti boxes available try having baskets like these. Having baskets fits in with the theme and gives everyone access to confetti at the same time. Baskets like these would be cute at any wedding.

6. Bridesmaid Styling Ideas

Choosing dresses for your bridesmaids is very important. You do not want to have the wedding with the classic nightmare bridesmaid dresses. For a rustic wedding, you should try and choose dresses that use a natural color. You don’t just have to choose one color you could choose a variety of shades like these bridesmaids. A wedding look like this is timeless and will look great on the photos in years to come.

Bridesmaid Styling Ideas for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @huesofvintage

7. Rustic Reception Tables

When choosing reception table decor and layout, you want something that will wow your guests. If you are looking for rustic tables then use this table as inspiration. It has everything from the natural touches with the flowers and wood decor to the glamour and elegance of a wedding. The wooden table numbers would be a great choice for any wedding.

8. Outdoor Wedding Sign Post

Next, we have an idea that is both decorative and practical. An outdoor sign like this could feature all the important directions like reception area, dance floor and more. You can come up with your own directions for the arrows. Not only will it tell people where to go but it makes a creative decor idea to. You could even decorate something like this with flowers.

Outdoor Wedding Sign Post for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @wilga_i_kruk

9. Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Reception Decor Idea

Here is another reception idea. This one is outdoors and shows how beautiful an outdoor venue can look. It has the rustic vibe with a touch of glamour and elegance. The lights and flowers really give it a romantic look. This area also features a dance floor which no wedding party is complete without. If you want something fun and glam then take inspiration from this.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Reception Decor Idea for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @felitapastry

10. Rustic Wedding Cake Idea

The wedding cake needs to wow. It will be the centerpiece at the reception and it will be in a lot of the wedding photos. For a rustic style cake, you should look for a design that uses natural colors. This cake is a great example, it features three tiers with an earthy painted design. It is a cake that looks amazing and we are sure tastes it to.

11. Unique Bride and Groom Styling Idea

Not all brides have to wear white and other light shades. What about black? You may think we are talking crazy but the couple featured may change your mind. The bride is wearing a super stylish black dress with a rustic bouquet and the groom is wearing a dark suit. These are not classic wedding outfits but they look amazing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, be unique and look chic than black might be the color to wear.

Unique Bride and Groom Styling Idea for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @thehearnes

12. Creative Seating Chart

Looking for a creative seating chart? Then this next pick could be for you. At this wedding, the seating chart was painted onto a mirror in beautiful calligraphy. A mirror is a great decor item whether your venue is inside or out. Inside the mirror will reflect all the twinkling lights and the mirror outside will reflect the natural scenery. We love this idea.

Creative Seating Chart for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @thelovelyline

13. Floral Buttonhole Idea

There isn’t just the bridal bouquet that needs to be thought about. You also should think about what flowers the groom will wear. This floral arrangement for a buttonhole is a great source of inspiration. It is rustic, stylish and uses nice colors. For your wedding, you could choose flowers to match the bouquet but flowers like these would be a great choice.

14. Rustic Bar Idea

Want to have an epic wedding party? Then consider having a bar like this one. This is a rustic outdoor bar with a cool bartender. You could have something like this at your wedding so the guests can have tasty cocktails and the venue will look trendy. A bar like this is a must have for a celebration.

15. Beautiful Indoor Wedding Reception Idea

If you liked the barn idea then this next pick could be for you. This is barn style wedding reception decorated with garlands and lanterns. Decor like this would suit someone who wanted simple but beautiful decor. You could take elements such as the lanterns out of this image for inspiration to.

Beautiful Indoor Wedding Reception Idea for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @matisnape

16. Quirky Wedding Decor

Want rustic wedding décor that is unique and creative? Then this idea could be for you. This wedding had a cute bike at the entrance to the wedding. The bike has beautiful flowers in the basket with a little sign of the weddings Instagram hashtag. You could have a quirky bike like this and have any sign on it you like. Also, Instagram hashtags are a great way to share photos of the day with friends and family.

Quirky Wedding Decor for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @uftonweddings

17. Bridal Wear and Denim

Next, we have another bride and bridesmaid look. This bride wore a beautiful white dress with a denim jacket over the top. The bridesmaids wore one to. Wearing a denim jacket will give your bridal look a country vibe. Jackets are great for outdoor weddings in case the weather gets a little chilly. We love this quirky look!

18. Cute Outdoor Wedding Sign

Weddings are all about love, family and friends. This next pick is a sign that is a must have for any wedding. It is a wood plank sign that reads “please choose a seat, either side. We’re all family here once the knot is tied”. It is a cute rustic sign that will bring all the wedding guests together.

19. Vibrant Bridal Bouquet

A rustic wedding should include natural elements. You can’t get more natural than a beautiful and vibrant bouquet. A sunflower bouquet like this will brighten up any bridal look. Sunflowers are good choice for any season and will suit any dress.

20. Glam Rustic Outdoor Wedding

Our next couple are getting married in front of a tree. Trees provide beautiful natural scenery. This venue has taken it a step further and decorated the tree with lights. A lit-up tree in the center like this creates a stunning, rustic and romantic atmosphere. We love this look and you could have this recreated for your wedding.

Glam Rustic Outdoor Wedding for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @troyhphoto

21. Floral Wedding Hair

Last on our list is this beautiful floral hair idea. Hair is important on the big day and if you need hair ideas then take inspiration from this. It is simple, elegant and rustic. You could recreate this with any flowers. Try to choose flowers that match your bouquet.

Floral Wedding Hair for Rustic Wedding Ideas

Source: @matisnape

We hope you have found inspiration from our rustic wedding ideas.