21 Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays and you have found out that you are expecting a baby, then this is place for you. Today, we have 21 of the best Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas. With these you can make this year extra special by sharing your exciting news. We have announcements with classic pumpkins, magical witches and more. Take a look and make your pregnancy announcement spooktacular!

1. Hocus Pocus Themed Announcement

The first pregnancy announcement has a theme based on one of the classic Halloween movies. As you can see, an announcement photo has been taken. The image includes a pumpkin, Hocus Pocus sign, scan photo and a baby suit that reads “Winnie I Smell A Child” with the due date. This is a fun and spooky idea and it is perfect for the fans of Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus Themed Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @amy_harris0815

2. Mummy To Be T-Shirt

If you want to share your exciting news at a Halloween party or maybe even with a photo, then you should consider wearing a pregnancy t-shirt. There are so many fun designs available for Halloween such as this “Mummy to be” shirt. This is a fun and easy way to reveal you’re expecting and these t-shirts are available on the Instagram page below.

Mummy To Be Halloween T-Shirt

Source: @pregnancytees

3. No Tricks Just a Treat Pregnancy Announcement

Next, we have another cool Halloween theme reveal. Here we have a sign that reads “No tricks, just a treat our family is growing by two little feet”. The sign is surrounded by flowers, a pumpkin and a scan. This is a fun way to reveal at a Halloween party, as you can use this as decor and everyone will find out at once. You could also use this as a photo reveal to share with family and friends online.

4. Something Special Is Brewing

This next idea is one of our favorites. Here we have a baby onesie that reads “This Halloween something special is brewing” with the due date underneath. It is such a fun idea and it is perfect for a witch themed announcement. You can buy this suit online and easily recreate a magical Halloween pregnancy reveal. Add a scan photo, a pumpkin and some Halloween decorations to make this announcement even more special.

Something Special Is Brewing

Source: @moonyldesigns

5. Sibling Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

If you love the witch and magical theme, then you need to see this idea too. Here we have an announcement that includes the sibling. So, the brother-to-be is sat on a chair holding a sign with a cute rhyming spell on it about him becoming a big brother. It is such a unique and fun idea and it is perfect for photo reveals for social media and it will be a special memory to look back on to.

6.  Skeleton Bump T-Shirt

If you are thinking of hosting a Halloween party and revealing your news at the same time, then this is for you. This shirt features a classic Halloween skeleton design. Near the bottom of the t-shirt there is a skeleton baby! This is such a unique way to tell everyone you’re expecting. Everyone will get such a surprise when they see you wearing this.

7. Halloween Twin Pregnancy Reveal

Expecting twins? If so, you need to see this idea. For this announcement we have a bucket with two pumpkins floating in it. There is a sign below that reads “two more pumpkins due” with the due date underneath. It is a great idea for the fall and Halloween. This is an amazing way to reveal twins, too. Of course, this idea would work for any number of babies!

8. Very Special Treat with a Pumpkin

Earlier in the post we featured a sign about how there is no trick just a treat. If you liked that reveal, then here is another version. This time we have the same phrase wrote on a different sign. This one has a more classic Halloween look with the pumpkin. It just shows how you can create different reveals based on a similar idea.

Very Special Treat with a Pumpkin

Source: @minichicstudio

9. Deady and Mummy T-Shirts

This next idea is so fun and unique! These parents-to-be have created a photo announcement. So, they are both stood together holding a small pumpkin with a scan photo attached. Mom is wearing a ‘mummy’ t-shirt and dad is wearing ‘deady’. It is a cute reveal that shows your sense of humor. This is easy to recreate and it will be a great memory to look back on.

10. Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Pumpkins

With this next idea you can get the whole family involved. Here we have mom, dad and the big brother-to-be. Each is holding a pumpkin with their roles and there is a pumpkin heart with the due date too. We love mom’s pumpkin because there is a tiny pumpkin inside. It is a unique idea and you can try this with any family members from more siblings to aunts, uncles and grandparents too.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Pumpkins

Source: @natalieadunn

11. Skeleton Family with a Pumpkin

If you and your family love dressing up for Halloween, then this idea is perfect! This announcement features mom, dad and the sibling-to-be, too. All are dressed up as skeletons and are walking towards a pumpkin that reads “Baby arriving spring”. It is a spooky and cute idea. Recreate this or choose any costumes if recreating. You can be anything from vampires to witches so have fun.

Skeleton Family with a Pumpkin Announcement

Source: @ohhmamacita

12. Easy Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement

Looking for a cute and unique idea? If so, you need to see this. Here we have steps and each one is decorated with a classic pumpkin. Each pumpkin has the year that each family member was born though instead of a scary face. We love this because the last pumpkin says “Due May 2017”, so it lets everyone know that there is a new arrival. This idea is perfect for a reveal at a Halloween party or as a photo announcement.

13. Pumpkin Smuggler T-Shirt

This next idea is so funny and we love it. Here we have a Halloween themed t-shirt with “Pumpkin smuggler” wrote on it. So, it implies that you have stolen a pumpkin rather than that you are expecting. It is a fun idea and it is a great way to reveal because it will confuse people at first and then they will realize what this actually means. You can buy these t-shirts on the Instagram page below.

Pumpkin Smuggler T-Shirt

Source: @pregnancytees

14. Something Sweet Is Arriving

The next Halloween theme pregnancy announcement is so cute! This is a reveal photo that can be shared online with family and friends. It features a sign with “something sweet is arriving” wrote on it with the due date underneath. The sign is surrounded by Halloween theme decorations and a scan photo too. It is a cute idea that can easily be recreated. You can keep a photo like this as a memory.

Something Sweet Is Arriving

Source: @shopbloome

15. We’re Adding A Pumpkin To Our Patch

Love the pumpkin announcements? If so, check this out. Here we have two pumpkins. One is carved with a smaller pumpkin inside. The pumpkins are surrounded by flowers, a scan photo and a sign that talks about adding a pumpkin to the patch. It is adorable and perfect for the Fall and Halloween. You can use this as a photo reveal or as home decor if you are having a Halloween party.

16. Funny Family Halloween Announcement

Next, we have another funny announcement to show you. For this we have the parents-to-be and their dogs too. They are both wearing fun reveal t-shirts. We like the dad’s shirt because it reads “nothing scares me, my wife is pregnant”. Not only that, but the dogs are dressed up as well. It is a spooky and unique idea and it will be great to look back on.

Funny Family Halloween Announcement

Source: @ms_ray_thomas

17. Little Witch Theme Pregnancy Announcement

We love this next announcement and it is another one of our favorites. Here we have the sister-to-be wearing a cute witch outfit. She is standing behind a cauldron and there is a sign in front of the cauldron too. The sign reads “This witch cast a spell. Brewing two goblins”. So, it is like the sister used a spell to get a new sibling. This reveal can be created with the brother-to-be as well.

18. Zombie Parents-To-Be

The next announcement features more Halloween costumes. This time the parents-to-be are dressed as zombies and mom has baby arms and legs on her shirt. The dog is also involved and is wearing a sign about getting a new human. It is a scary and fun idea and it is perfect those who love Halloween!

Zombie Parents-To-Be

Source: @miss_cali_o87

19. Pumpkin Family Photo Idea

This next idea is adorable. For this reveal there are three large pumpkins and one has a pacifier. There are also three small pumpkins with a scan photo and the due date is on a sign as well. This is a spooky and classic way to announce your news at Halloween. Recreate the whole thing or just the three main pumpkins.

Pumpkin Family Photo Idea

Source: @riotgrrrlscout

20. Halloween Pregnancy Announcement for Grandma-to-Be

We love this next idea. Here we have a unique announcement that features a Halloween themed egg. The recipient has to crack the egg to reveal the message inside. As you can see, this one reads “no tricks… only a treat. You are going to be a grandmother”. It is a super cute and quirky idea and it will really make Halloween special. You can buy these eggs on the Instagram page below.

Halloween Themed Announcement for Grandma-to-Be

Source: @breakthenews1

21. Easy Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

The last idea features another pregnancy reveal t-shirt. This one has a message on it that says “candy for two”. There are also little feet on the design too. You can wear a shirt like this for a photo reveal or for a Halloween party. You can buy these t-shirts on the page below. We love this one!

Candy for Two T-Shirt

Source: @pregnancytees

We hope you have found the perfect way to announce your pregnancy this Halloween!