21 Easy & Trendy Work Outfits for Spring

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Most of us spend a lot of time at work so the outfits we choose for the working week are important. Just as we do with our casual clothes, we should change our work clothes to match the season. Now spring has begun, new trends are here and our work outfits will become lighter and brighter. To give you some ideas on what you can wear this season we have found 21 of the best spring work outfits that will keep you looking stylish at the office.

1. Work Outfit for Spring

The first work outfit we want show you is this white shirt and neutral trousers combination. A fresh white shirt will instantly update your look for the season. You can wear a white shirt with anything from a black pencil skirt to tailored trousers, so it is a great piece to have in the wardrobe. As it is spring, try to wear your shirt with light trousers like these.

2. White Lace Dress

If you do not have a strict dress code for work but you still want to look smart, you could choose an outfit like this one. Here we have a beautiful white lace dress has been worn with a brown belt. This is a beautiful look that will suit anyone. You can wear an outfit like this right through the spring and summer.

White Lace Dress Work Outfit Idea

Source: @styledelights

3. Spring Culottes and Shirt

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with brighter colors and different styles. Our next outfit features light pink culottes worn with a blue shirt and heels. This is a super stylish look that would be a great choice for someone who should look professional and smart but can also wear what they like. You could wear culottes with a white shirt to and you could even wear an outfit like this for drinks after work.

4. Vibrant Spring Work Outfit Idea

Brighten up your working week with a colorful outfit like this one. This trendy lady is wearing a vibrant pink jacket with a white shirt and patterned trousers. There are so many printed trousers available to suit every style. If the pink jacket isn’t for you, then choose a color used in the pattern on your trousers and choose a jacket in a similar shade. That way your outfit will be bright but coordinated.

Pink and Floral Spring Work Outfit

Source: @emiliechimene

5. Light Stripe Suit for Work

Blue and white stripe shirts are very popular during the spring and summer. Our next outfit idea has stepped up the style game and features a stripe suit. A blue and white stripe suit is smart, stylish and perfect for spring. You could wear with a T-shirt for a professional but relaxed look or wear with a blouse.

6. White Skirt and Light Blouse

Skirts are back in the spotlight for spring and summer. Here is an example of how to wear a skirt for work. The outfit features a light blouse with a white pencil skirt. This is a simple and chic outfit that would be perfect for the office. You could wear a white skirt with any blouse, you could even add a jacket too.

7. Elegant Neutral Work Outfit

During the spring and summer, you can ditch the long black trousers and choose pants like these instead. This outfit is made up of neutral ¾ length pants, neutral shoes and a grey lightweight jacket. You could wear ¾ length trousers in any color and with any top.

8. Cute Sweater and Skirt for Office

An easy way to update your work look is by changing your top. You can wear your usual black skirt or pants but with a cute patterned top. Our next outfit features a black skirt with a black and white sweater. This is a gorgeous look that will look great at the office.

Monochromatic Spring Work Outfit

Source: @styledelights

9. Simple and Stylish White Jacket and Black Pants

If you want to look effortlessly chic at work, then this next outfit could be perfect. The outfit features a white jacket, white top, black pants and neutral shoes. You can get ready for work in a hurry with an outfit like this because you will know it looks stylish. Clothing like this can also be mix and matched with other items.

10. Chic White Dress Work Outfit

You should consider wearing a dress for work. Dresses are one piece that is easy to wear. A white dress is perfect for the spring and summer. You can wear it with heels or sandals, maybe even  with a smart blazer. You could think about dresses in other colors too.

11. Bright Stripe Shirt and Pants

Earlier in the post we mentioned stripe shirts. This next outfit shows how to wear a stripe shirt in style. Instead of the classic blue and white, this fashionista is wearing pink and white. This is the perfect combination for the spring. You can wear a shirt like this with any trousers or a skirt. Consider light grey pants like the ones featured.

12. Beautiful Blue Suit

Light blue is one of the must-have colors for the spring. Our next outfit shows how you can use light blue in your workwear. This stylish lady is wearing a light blue suit with a white blouse and statement bag. A suit like this is the perfect way to add some spring color to the office.

13. Light Suit and Flat Shoes

If a suit in a bold color is not your thing, then you could choose a light, neutral suit like this one. The look features a white blazer, light pants and white top. You could recreate this look with any shoes, maybe heels or different colored flats. An outfit like this can also be mixed and matched with other pieces.

14. Pretty Pleated Skirt

At first glance this does not look like an outfit for work. However, the pleated skirt and top would be a beautiful spring outfit for work. You could wear a similar top and skirt with flats or neutral heels and wear with a light jacket or blazer. A pleated skirt is a must-have piece for the spring.

15. Neutral Jacket and White Trousers

White pants are smart, stylish and spring ready. Here is how you can wear white tailored trousers for work. The pants have been worn with a neutral jacket, shoes and bag. You could wear white pants with any color jacket, shoes and top. White goes with everything.

16. Light Top and Grey Tailored Trousers

Light grey is a chic choice for your workwear. You can update your look for the spring but still look professional and smart. Grey also goes with many colors including light pink. This outfit features grey tailored trousers and soft pink sweater. It would be perfect for the office.

17. Stylish Stripe Suit Outfit Idea for Work

Next, we have another stripe suit idea. This suit is white with thin black stripes. It is such a chic and stylish look and it would look amazing for work. You could wear a similar suit with any color top and shoes. A suit like this can be dressed up or down too.

Stylish Stripe Suit Work Outfit

Source: @law_el

18. Neutral Spring Work Outfit

Our next outfit shows how stylish neutrals can look for work. The look features grey trousers, a white top and pale brown jacket. You will look ready for spring, smart and professional in an outfit like this. If your work place has a stricter dress code wear with heels, if not, wear with sneakers.

Neutral Spring Work Outfit Idea

Source: @xoxgenaxox

19. Trendy Culottes for Work

Earlier we featured culottes. Here is another example of how to wear culottes for work. These culottes are black but still look ready for the spring because of the short length. Wear with a blouse and a smart jacket or blazer. You can also wear black culottes out of work too.

20. Pretty Top and Trousers

White pants and a black top is such a chic combination. You could take inspiration from this outfit and create your own classy work outfit. Wear your black and white outfit with any shoes. Neutral heels would be a great choice. For the summer you could wear with wedges like the ones featured.

White Pants and Black Top Work Outfit

Source: @cecesportswear

21. White Jacket and Light Pants

Last on our list is this stylish outfit that features bright pants and a light blazer. The pants are super cute and would suit anyone. If you shop around you will be able to find similar ones. You could wear with a black top like the one featured or with a white top.

We hope you have found inspiration from our spring work outfits.