21 Beautiful Black and Gold Nail Designs

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Looking for new nail art? Then you are in the right place! We have found 21 black and gold nails that you will love. Black and gold compliment each other beautifully and create glamorous nails. We love this color combination and think you will too. There is an idea for everyone, from stripes, glitter to stunning gold foil. Take a look, each design can be attempted at home or you can take the image to your nail salon.

1. Simple Black and Gold Nails

Our first nail idea is this gorgeous black manicure with two gold accent nails. This is an easy design to recreate and it will look stylish on any nail length and shape. You can choose similar nail polishes or maybe choose a matte black or gold glitter.

2. Black, Gold and White Nail Design

Black and gold is a chic combination. These colors look great with other shades too. Here we have a design idea that includes white polish. As you can see, the three colors create a gorgeous manicure. You can recreate a similar design like featured or you can take one design and mix up the colors or come up with your own. Maybe you can use the polka dots in stripes in just black and gold too.

Black and Gold Nails with Stripes and Polka Dots

Source: @nailsbycambria

3. Black Nails with a Flash of Gold

Next, we have a black manicure that has a flash of gold across each nail. We love this design idea because it is simple and stylish. You can create a similar look at home by painting a gold stripe on each nail with gold polish or to get a lighter finish, maybe try a spray on polish. Just make sure you cover up the black polish that you do not want to be gold.

Black Nails with a Flash of Gold

Source: @nailsrnd

4. Chic Black Nails with Gold Glitter

Cuticle nail designs are super trendy. Our next idea shows how to create this look with black and gold. The nails have been painted black with a sweep of gold on each cuticle. This is such a beautiful design idea. Nails like this would be perfect for a night out, party or other special event.

Chic Black Nails with Gold Glitter

Source: @mvargas_nails

5. Black and Gold Stiletto Nails

We love this next nail idea! The long stiletto nails have been painted in matte black, gold glitter and a metallic shade that reminds us of mermaids. This combination is so stylish and chic. If you want to make a trendy statement then this is the manicure for you. You can also use glossy black and gold polish with no glitter to recreate a similar look.

Black and Gold Stiletto Nails

Source: @nailsbykatrins

6. Black Nails with Bling

Bling up your black manicure with a gold nail stud. The black nails featured have an accent nail with an animal stud. There are so many gold nail studs you can buy online, in any shape and design. A simple but glam look like this will suit any nail length and shape.

Black Nails with Gold Bling

Source: @just1nail

7. Black and Gold Chevron Nails

You can also add silver to your gold and black manicure. Here we have a chevron idea with black, gold and silver stripes. This is a fun and stylish design. The look was created with IsaDora nail polish in Silver Flakes, Gold Flakes and Dark truffles. Chevrons can be created with tape, but for this manicure a chevron stencil from Twinkled T was used.

Black and Gold Chevron Nails

Source: @nailsbyic

8. Stylish Gold Nails with Black Accent Nail

Looking for a unique manicure? Then this next idea is for you! Here we have clear nails with a gold foil design, there is also a black matte accent nail. We love this idea because it is chic and statement making. You can recreate a similar look or take inspiration from the elements to create your own gold foil and black design. Glossy black can be used too.

9. Black and Gold Glitter Nails

Next, we have a cute black and gold idea. These nails are matte black with gold glitter designs. Some nails have gold cuticles, another nail has a gold heart and there is a gold accent nail. The heart is pretty and elegant. You can create the heart with a toothpick or stencil.

Black and Gold Glitter Nails

Source: @melcisme

10. Matte Black and Gold Nails

Matte black nails look so chic and elegant. Here we have a stunning example of how you can pair matte black and gold together. These nails are long and black with two accent nails. The accent nails are black and frosted with a gold glitter design. You can recreate the frosted look with a grey polish and then put your black design over the top.

Elegant Matte Black and Gold Nails

Source: @tior_nails

11. Black and Gold Nails with a Flower

Our next idea features black, gold foil and a flower design. We love this manicure idea as the dark flower looks beautiful with the gold and black. You can view tutorials online to help you create the floral design at home but you can also buy stencils too. If the flower is not your thing, the nails would look gorgeous with just the black and gold foil too.

12. Cute and Flirty Black and Gold Nails

Next, we have a cute manicure idea. Two of the nails are painted in gold glitter while the others are painted black with messages wrote on them. The messages read “cutie pie be mine” and “kiss me flirt”. To recreate the look yourself, you can buy letter stencils or stickers and make any message you like.

Cute and Flirty Black and Gold Nails

Source: @misscelinas

13. Glitter and Stripes

Stripes look super cool on nails. This next idea features nails with a stripe design and it looks like tiger stripes. This type of design looks amazing with gold and black. The nails also have black and gold glitter. You can create this look or maybe choose one design.

Black and Gold Glitter and Stripes Nails

Source: @melimelr

14. Black Nails with Gold Glitter Accent Nail

If you want a nail design that is easy to do but looks glam and stylish, this could be what your looking for. The nails are short and have been painted black with one gold glitter accent nail. All you will need is the two polishes. Nails like this are great for ladies who do not want long nails but want nails that look pretty. This design will work on long nails too.

15. Half Moon Nails

Earlier in the post we featured black nails with a gold cuticle design. If you like that idea, then you may like this one. The previous cuticle nail idea was subtle and sparkly. This one has full on statement glitter. We love this shimmering and elegant look.

Half Moon Black and Gold Nails

Source: @housewifenails

16. Black Nails with Gold and Silver Gems

Nothing glams up your nails like gems. Our next idea features a different manicure on each hand. One hand is glossy black while the nails on the other hand are matte black with gems. Gems are low-cost and easy to apply which makes them great for accessorizing your nails. There are plenty of tutorials to help you with the application. Create both looks featured or try just one.

Black Nails with Gold and Silver Gems

Source: @amur_nails

17. Stripes and Dots

Our next idea features a manicure with a few different designs. There is stripes, a cuticle design and gems that look like dots. A plain black nail is also included. We love the whole look, but the stripes in particular. The black and gold stripes look amazing on the nails. Recreate the whole look or use just one design idea.

Beautiful Nail Design with Stripes and Dots

Source: @ana0m

18. Black and Gold Lace Nails

Next, we have black glitter nails with a pretty gold design. You can try to recreate the look at home but you can take inspiration from this and create your own black and gold designs. For small and intricate patterns like this, you can buy stencils. A design like this will work on all nail lengths and shapes.

Pretty Black and Gold Lace Nails

Source: @thedotcouture

19. Metallic Gold Nails with Black Accent Nail

We have featured a few ideas with black nails and a gold accent nail. You can also do it the other way around. Here we have gold nails with a black accent nail. The accent nail can be created by adding small stripes of tape on the nail and painting over them. Just make sure you cover any gold nail that you do not want painting black.

20. Easy Nail Design

Our next idea features gold glitter nails with black embellished nails. The embellished nails have gold diamond studs on them. You can buy gold decorations like this in any shape and with any design. Recreate this look or maybe just the black nails.

Easy Black and Gold Glitter Nail Design

Source: @melimelr

21. Marble, Black and Gold Glitter Nails

Last on the list is this marble, black and gold idea. The manicure features one marble nail, one gold glitter nail and three black nails with gold cuticles. This is perfect for the ladies who want a statement making look. Create all three designs or choose just one.

Marble, Black and Gold Glitter Nails

Source: @badgirlnails

We hope you have found the perfect black and gold nails!