Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Garden System, known as Le Mur Vegetal in French, is an ecological art form which has globally […]

When the soul leaves the body f Ohio-Born artist John Howard, aka Pakks created unique abstract art series When the […]

Lodz, Poland based street artists Bezt and Sainer teamed up and created gigantic murals on side building walls throughout Poland.

It’s a systematic engineering project to obtain an elegant and comfortable bathroom with easy functionality. Every part of the room […]

Yohan Sancerni is an international portrait photographer based in Paris, France. Yohan is passionate about things human, which is fully […]

Butterfly Blaze Digital Paintings by Pune, India based artist Neville Dsouza. Neville dsouza is passionate in creating digital characters, which […]

Lara Zankoul is a Lebanon-born artist graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Masters in Economics. In 2008, […]

Well, first of all boat tattoo designs can be funny and beautiful. If you look at our collection, in fact, […]