Dheny Patungka is a photographer based in Bandung Indonesia who created the surreal photography.

Kylie Woon is a young digital artist based in Singapore. Inspired by things like shyness and dreams and escapism, she […]

Surreal paintings by Geneva, Switzerland based artist Dominique Hoffer. Dominique likes to figure strange, unusual, poetic situations and atmospheres, including […]

Architecture Photography By Ralf Wendrich. Ralf Wendrich is a German photographer with an eye for effective forms and places. Extensive […]

Sarah Graybill is an America illustrator who works on mixed media illustrations. Inspired by Eastern folklore, specifically Japanese Yokai stories, […]

Billy   Animal Portrait Paintings by Temecula, California based artist Heather Lara. Her painstaking attention to detail has created a […]

The goblin king   Alice Chan is a digital artist from Antarctica who works on fairy tale and fantasy artwork. […]