They say redheads are wild, brunettes are the smartest, and blonds have the most fun, but what about purple-, pink-, blue-, […]

Portraits Photography by Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya Oblast’, Russia based photographer Sean Archer. Sean graduated from Ural State Academy of Architecture and […]

Holiday season is the perfect time to glam-up our beauty routine. Whether you’re attending or hosting holiday party, your makeup should […]

Awesome trainings by Chinese artist Chen Yingjie, aka Hua Tunan. Chen is from Foshan city of China. His work is […]

Clouds are big, fluffy masses that can take on so many different and interesting shapes. Have you ever lain in the grass on a warm summer’s […]

Sam Kalda is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY who created the illustrations which capture the mood and stories.